Nothing beats British pub food

IMG_3766Ok so if you haven’t done this before, you just won’t understand the wonderfulness.

There is something ultra-special about a pub in an English village, being outside with friends. Standing outside around weathered tables, for a relaxed couple of hours, taking turns buying rounds of drinks.Β  Going in to the pub and walking across a multicoloured psychedelic swirly carpet that must have had more beer poured on it than one would like to imagine, and inhaling the smell of disinfectant, and damp from the bathrooms and the old walls, the fug from the carpet and when leaning on the counter to order a beer, or a cider having your underarms make contact with dark sticky beery wood and stick there. Ordering from the barman or the barmaid, they always seem to be brandishing a dish cloth, and waiting for all the beers to be poured. And then bringing them out to the group, navigating the random steps carefully to try to make sure you won’t spill anything. And then as you get peckish ordering fish and chips with a side of mushy peas, and wonderful malt vinegar. Somehow you can spend a whole afternoon in this way, and life just releases its brutal grip on you for a moment, as you chat and relax and enjoy the moment. If you haven’t tried this yet, get thee to the nearest pub. Take a plane if you must. Trust me, it is worth it.

19 thoughts on “Nothing beats British pub food

    • well you of course know what I am on about πŸ™‚ -having grown up in a thatched country cottage down the road from the an English pub – the rain, oh the rain is fine, we got rained on on the way home. Really soaked. But that was ok. I like being rained on in England, it seems that if you havent got rained on, you havent really done the trip properly.

    • Well I can recommend it from the bottom of my heart – the landscapes are amazing, the ever changing sky above them, the pastures with sheep, the wild lands of the North, rocks and gorse, the soft rolling hills of the South, scones and cream tea, big pots of tea, walking on windy beaches in light rain getting cold, and then sitting in front of a fire to warm up with a nice hot drink, dark pubs with historical interiors, small children in school uniforms, London and Soho and food from all parts of the world, museums and culture and food shopping in Marks and Spencers and Waitrose and perusing Harrods. So much to see – stately homes, and rose gardens, cottages and cottage gardens. For me there is no landscape in the world I love more than that of England.

  1. It does sound restful and restorative! Reminds me of the “ventas” in Andalucia– Sitting at the edge of town– you can spend an entire afternoon with friends–drinking, leisurely ordering another tapa now and then– and there’s always a playground if you have kids in tow to keep them entertained. Time stands still (unlike any place around here).

    • Well I well put the ventas on to my list of things to do then. sitting outside in spain eating tapas and having a drink and a chat does sound very similar – the main ingredients the outdoors friends and some nice things to eat are all there. Happy Friday

    • ooh Chef Mimi – beautiful wonderful verdant wales – enjoy the vales and the food and taking your umbrella out and your wellie boots πŸ™‚ I am jealous if you cannot tell!

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