I izz camouflaged!

IMG_0184Today is show and tell and bring your cat to fiesta Friday day. Today myself, Polianthus, otherwise and sometimes known as Rumpelstiltskin  (sadly without straw-to-gold-spinning abilities) and my sidekick “I cannot really spell but it’s ok” also known as the Furry Fury see photo (he goes by many names) are coming to Angie’s fiesta friday, hope you are not allergic Angie. Have cat will carry, bringing you all a Furry Fiesta Friday – line up for strokes, and to be purred at, come on you know you want to! Ok we are a day early, but that is fine, tomorrow is the national holiday 1 August in Switzerland so I am celebrating the weekend a day early!


36 thoughts on “I izz camouflaged!

    • Hi Tiny white cottage – I know it is busy out here on the www so much to do so much to see 🙂 lovely to hear from you again! you have been posting some wonderful recipes on your blog!

    • Ha Anna – Julian and Tarquin – very good naming 🙂 – my cat when I got him was called Dylan, which was not an option, and we thought he looked a bit like a kind version of Putin (all white ginger colouring and blue eyes), but that was also not a good name…..

    • Hi Saucy – oh have you dressed up too? Luckily we are not celebrating in an English pub or the cat would have to covered in psychedelic carpet patterns to match the floor 🙂 – great seeing you too!

      • What about next week’s Fiesta Friday? I might also be hosting, and I think I can convince Angie to move the party to England, maybe in an English pub!

    • oh next week bring the kitties, then they can party too 🙂 thanks for stopping by – my kitty is a lover, all he needs are copious amounts of attention from anyone, he is very promiscuous that way!

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