Are you a professional procastinator? Take the test!

IMG_0181Do you dare to take –


Give yourself 3 points for each yes answer, and an extra 3 for each question where all the answers were yes.

1) Your finances and filing

Max  possible points: 12 On your desk/floor/kitchen table/bedside table/under the bed/in a file you have documents awaiting your review, you have missed the deadline set by yourself more than once:

  • Money: bank statements/credit card statements/tax returns/tax filing documents YES/NO
  • Phone/Internet provider offers: saved so you can assess the best deal YES/NO
  • Insurance offers: health, house, car, anything: saved so you can assess the best deal YES/NO

2) Your professional journals and reading habits

Max possible points  12: You are subscribed to a number of professional publications for your work area e.g. for example, British Medical Journal, Making a killing in litigation Weekly (no it doesn’t exist, dont go looking for it you lawyers out there)

  •  Big stacks: The bright side of investment banking– you take  the journals out of their plastic wrap and stack them in the living room next to the TV so that the next time you sit down in the living room to relax you will read them, but you never do YES/NO
  • Old journals: the stack next to your  TV  has journals in there from 2013 YES/NO
  • Unread coaching books: your bookcase is full of leadership books that you know you should read, or leadership books you were given at management coaching courses, you haven’t read most of them YES/NO

3)Your to do lists repeat themselves throughout the years

Max possible points: 6 You have things to do lists that cover house, gardening, gadgets, car cleaning, house maintenance that you write periodically.

  • Your to do list is always the same: When you tidy up your papers you frequently find a list with the same items on there that you wrote 6 months ago, and not much if anything has changed YES/NO

4)When you start tidying up the following things tend to happen Max possible points: 9

  • You start and stop again: on the days you roll up your sleeves, you say, TODAY is the day, and your start tidying up your desk/attic/basement etc. 15 minutes into the task your partner discovers you leafing through a photo album, an old collection of CDS, a forgotten childhood favourite book – and you awaken from your stupor to realise you have only succeeded in increasing the entropy but not in throwing anything out or making headway, but you did find a great reminder of the past. You get all tired just thinking about it and go have a tea break instead YES/NO
  • You dont even start: starting the task makes you feel so tired you get a cup of tea and a cookbook sit down and have a read, promising yourself you will start later YES/NO

5) Faced with fun stuff like doing your taxes, paying your bills, reading documents on the next upcoming election, educating yourself in your field of choice you tend to do any or all of the following before starting the fun stuff: Max possible points: 15

  • Read other stuff: read cookbooks online, read cooking stuff offline, take photographs of your cat, or children, phone your mother, best friend, daughter, gardener, etc. YES/NO
  • Write other stuff: write on your blog, articles on procrastination for example YES/NO
  • Complain about somebody else because you are annoyed with yourself: remember that you were really peeved (or another stronger word with P…) off at some customer service you received, by a business survey you took, by a company that keeps calling you and annoying you and decide NOW is the time to write them a vitriolic letter/email about their level of service/professionalism etc. and offer them your services to help them improve theirs.…(NO? – NO I dont know anyone who does this either…)/YES – oh dear I feel for you
  • Sleep on it:  on days you have selected to make headway on tasks you cannot get out of bed before 12 then you read the Sunday newspaper and have another nap, on days you are going out with friends to do wine tasting, white water rafting or bungee jumping you wake up at 6 with a sense of excitement and wonder at a new day full of possibilities YES/ NO


  • 30 – 54 TERMINAL PROCRASTINATOR: GET HELP NOW: YOU ARE THE GREAT PROCRASTINATOR IF YOU SCORED 30  – 54 – Suggest you get help now……or pay someone to do all the stuff you hate to do, trust me it REALLY helps
  • 18 – 30 CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE NORMAL: YOU ARE A NORMAL PROCRASTINATING HUMAN BEING IF YOU SCORED: 18 – 30 – put your feet up and have a nice glass of chilled wine while you reread your list
  •  < 18 TASK TERMINATOR: I HATE TO SAY THIS BUT I SUSPECT YOU ARE LYING: IF YOU SCORED BELOW 18 AND YOU TOOK THE TEST I AM NOT SURE HOW TO SAY THIS BUT I SUSPECT YOU ARE NOT HUMAN OR ELSE A HABITUAL LIAR – THERE I SAID IT. Reread the list and be honest, so that the rest of us human beings don’t feel quite so bad! If you took the test you must be a procrastinator…….I’m just saying..



15 thoughts on “Are you a professional procastinator? Take the test!

    • 🙂 I am glad you are procrastinating pleasantly, I have just shut down the work laptop for the day and am now moving into weekend mode 🙂 (where I write invoices…) procrastinating on that task I have found is one that has a REALLY negative impact though, so I am pretty good there!

      • I wish we lived nearby b/c I could bring over some sweets and you could make tea and we could procrastinate together most delightfully 😉

      • Ah Azita
        Oh Azita . you sent me a rhyme :), here is one fast one back, I used to send silly poems to work colleagues to alleviate the stress of the job but while they laughed they thought I was not serious enough 🙂 the truth is one can rattle off a silly poem in a minute and so here is one for you (I wouldnt publish any serious ones online ..I’d be too sensitive about them)

        Rhymes on Friday afternoon
        On tea, and cakes and spoon
        On joys of peaceful chatter
        The weekend soon to be
        The pleasure of a natter
        And of duties being free
        The happiness to sip and talk
        To be rather than to do
        The love of all of this and more
        I suspect that this is true
        Is what makes such great procrastinators
        Out of us, of me and you 🙂

        Have a LOVELY weekend and sip some persian tea for me. I once made Nan e Nokochi – it was a real labour of love you wouldnt believe how hard it is to get the besan flour to stick together, but they were pretty and perfect with tea, so that is what I would offer you virtually 🙂

      • Oh, I can believe how hard it would be to make nan e nokhodchi. Some things looks so basic and are so hard to pull off. Love that you once made this. And LOVE your poem. It is wonderful!! You, my friend, are too amazing. I’m cutting and pasting this comment and I may just have to quote here and there. Have a beautiful purrrrrfect weekend. xoxo 🙂

      • yes they look simple, no they are not, they really do not want to stick together, but when I finally pulled it off, they were perfect melt in the mouth tender and crumbly, really. Wanted to make you smile on the weekend and thought a little silly poetry was in order 🙂 have a great weekend and thank you for the compliment, a nice word here and there does wonders for the psyche, the soul and the day ahead, saturday in this case 🙂

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