10 things most of us won’t need to worry about – ever….


Life is fleeting, there is so much we would like to do and so little time to do it in as the duties, real or perceived,  of everyday life hold our attention hostage. Now just imagine how much tougher it could be,  if you had some of the following worries (of course then you wouldn’t be arguing with your spouse that he forgot to buy the toilet paper for the fifth time running, and why do you always have to do it, so maybe, you would prefer to have the problems below….)


  1. MANAGING A DEMANDING SOCIAL CALENDAR & HOB-NOBBING WITH INTERESTING FAMOUS PEOPLE: How to accept the invitation from Dustin Hoffman for dinner on Saturday and Sunday brunch with Kofi Annan on the same weekend, happening on two different continents, when the private jet is having it’s engine overhauled
  2. FESSING UP TO CRASHING INSANELY EXPENSIVE VEHICLES: How to tell our spouses that we just crashed the Bugatti
  3. DECEPTION BY TRUSTED HOUSEHOLD STAFF: coming home to discover that the maid has run off with the jewels on loan from the Victoria and Albert museum, which we were meant to be wearing on the red carpet that evening – what to do, what to do?
  4. MILLION DOLLAR TAX EVASION: How to avoid paying  half a million upwards in taxes (we might like this one..)
  5. WHAT TO WEAR WHEN HOB-NOBBING WITH THE ROYALS: What is the appropriate attire  for tea with the Queen or for Prince George’s christening
  6. MANAGING MULTIPLE  HOUSEHOLDS: What items to keep at our various houses so that we can visit anytime – think the Hamptons, a city flat in London  and a house in the Turks and Caicos
  7. MANAGING HOUSEHOLD STAFF: Agreeing meal plans with our personal chef and deciding which members of the household staff  we need to have on permanent stand-by as we move between our various places of residence
  8. HAVING A GOOD BODYGUARD: worrying about our safety and that of our loved ones because some people wish to harm us, or we worry that they might, or we have so much more material wealth than others, that it is a distinct risk
  9. AVOIDING PAPARAZZI: worrying that photos of ourselves on our way out the door on Saturday morning bleary eyed to get a coffee will appear in the the tabloids with screaming titles – Jamie looking OLD, Freddie – what she really looks like without make-up, Maddie – no wonder the boyfriend ran off – and that people will care.
  10. WHO WE COULD MEET AT OUR NEXT STINT IN REHAB: worrying that when we are next in rehab all the people we last shot a movie with will also be there

Anyone has any thoughts to add would love to hear them, happy Thursday all!

and a last one 10.5 WAKING UP AS BRITNEY SPEARS – this is one that only BRITNEY herself has to worry about which is fortunate for the rest of us..


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