7 minute (honestly) thai-style red curry with tofu and thai basil – Lunch for one


I hate recipes that tell you it will take you 5 minutes, this invariably is only true, if you have already washed and chopped all the ingredients and have them ready to throw into the pan.  I feel this is dishonest, unless you have Martha the Maid, or Bob the Butler, or Harry the house robot around, who make everything ready and then call out “Sir, Madam, please convene to the kitchen to heat your lunch”…..Sadly I don’t have this set-up, although I would fully embrace it in the unlikely event that it ever comes my way.

So in order to ensure that I am truthful I timed this from first opening the fridge to sitting at the table to eat – 7 minutes all included, chopping, mixing, heating etc. (leave out the eggplant if you don’t have any handy and ready..)

Serves One hungry eater in 7 minutes including all chopping and heating

10g red curry paste, 1/2 lemon juice, 2 cups coconut milk, 1 cup tofu cubes, 1/2 tablespoon agave nectar, 1 cup cooked eggplant**, lots of thai basil, this is vital, the flavour of regular basil just isn’t the same

Heat the coconut milk, add red curry paste and stir, add 1/2 lemon juice, agave nectar, add the tofu cubed and heat through, stir in a generous handful of washed and chopped thai basil. Add 1 cup cooked eggplant if you have any to hand (I happened to have 3 in my fridge from the night before, when I had planned to make baba ghanouj but the energy failed me..the eggplant i used was baked in the oven whole until blackened outside, which gave my thai curry a nice smoky flavour, but if you dont have any, don’t worry you can live without)


With a nice hot green tea

If you need carbs you can make some rice, that will take longer than 5 minutes, or you can eat some bread, or you can, as I did most of last week have a vegan muffin after the main course (that is until I added up the k cal content of a single measly muffin and then I reconsidered briefly, before embracing the muffin and all it stands for :))

This is my Monday contribution to Fiesta Friday – those of you who are just now coming home from the party need something for lunch this week surely?

PS As the red curry thai sauce contains shrimp this is not a vegetarian nor vegan food choice.  I wonder how many eaters in Thai restaurants are aware of this; I suspect not too many…..



28 thoughts on “7 minute (honestly) thai-style red curry with tofu and thai basil – Lunch for one

    • hello my dear – healthy? not sure – I try my best – the thing is when I eat well I actually do feel better, this is true for regular exercise, in discussions with my sister on the weekend we both established that although we know both these facts, we still keep forgetting. So I am focusing on healthy eating at the moment. Agave nectar, is low GI (so they say) sweetener, practical as doesnt have much of a taste and it comes in a fluid form so easy to stir in to foods. You could leave it out but the somehow the balance of hot sweet sour salt demand a bit of sweetness and the agave nectar fits the bill well. You could just use palm sugar if you have any and the patience to get it out of a jar, or regular sugar 🙂

  1. Yup. We time everything. But Harry the house robot caught my eye. Want one. Now. Getting visitors for a week. Seeing that I only spent one week at home during the entire August what with running away and a business trip last week I need me a Harry before the visitors realize what a total circus my seemingly calm exterior really is…..

    • Yup we do time everything! Its the difference between success and failure sometimes. Re Harry the house robot, I have wanted one for many years and as I dont wake up as Britney Spears ( a blessing) I also don’t have her staff (which is probably also a blessing as I wouldn’t have enough space for them to work and live in) – for you 1 week at home during a month is bad, guests for a week, is also challenging – I suggest you read the chefzilla article again and remember your motto, ready made stuff is good for guests and washing up china by hand it good for bonding with your guests – otherwise – good luck finding a Harry 🙂

  2. A delicious 7 minute meal does come in handy – especially on weekends when I am at the computer reading Fiesta Friday recipes and planning the menus for the rest of the week. I have a vegetarian daughter so haven’t bought red Thai curry in ages. However, a home-made version without the shrimp paste is just as good.

    • Hello Hilda, thanks for stopping by and commenting, I agree 7 min recipes are useful, and totally sure that home made red curry is every bit as delicious as store bought, however, at that point 7 minutes is no longer in the realm of the realistic!

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