Ways to spend Sunday: Forget the fishing rods just give me a good book and a thermos of tea

The more I run around the more I crave stillness…..



9 thoughts on “Ways to spend Sunday: Forget the fishing rods just give me a good book and a thermos of tea

    • yes that is so true and well spotted – I never thought about it that way, but you are so right, and that is what is coming out in my posts at the moment! Sometimes i meet people and after 2 hours I know their birthdays their children’s birthdays when the kids had their first tooth what songs they sing the kids, what their husband does how much they earn pet hates and loves dreams and aspirations and it makes me so tired and desire the desert island with no ipads iphones macs other phones phone lines or carrier pigeons 🙂

  1. Think that is why I do not post at the moment. Nothing left after my day sucks it out of me. Very content just to be alone but rarely get that solitude I crave. Soon. I says to me!

    • 🙂 I see I fully understand,nothing left after my days suck it all out of me too – which is what you recognized I guess..I am planning that month in the Caribbean – with pina coladas on the beach and a business flight – a promise to myself but I may reevaluate 🙂

  2. I have to admit I find fishing so boring!! (after being dragged along on a couple fishing outings) But I would love a leisurely picnic in that spot!
    and — I’m eavesdropping on your comments– a Month (!) in the Caribbean??!! that could be pretty heavenly–

    • hello Rhonda -I find fishing boring too – probably some zen activity that some of use don’t understand, however agree fully – a picnic with a nice blanket and some good company in that spot would be very nice – with a book and a thermos of tea thrown in for later – the month in the Caribbean – yes I know heavenly – may not be quite a month and I feel guilty for being away that long but then it is sometimes good to get properly away 🙂

      • But a month away! sounds like a mini- alternate life– a chance to really feel like you’re a different person in a different place, not just dropping in and out like a tourist. Feels like it would be a chance to get a whole new perspective on life (am I overstating it? maybe I’m just trying to push you into a month away in another place because I’d love that so much myself!!) Anyway, love you posts and all you see, do, think..

      • Hiya Rhonda – you gave me the last needed push! not quite a month but close enough -I think you cannot overstate enough the value of getting away for a while and getting some distance to things – I know in the US it is hard to do because you don’t get much time off, here it isnt easy either anymore when you are no longer a student but I guess that is why when the opportunity presents itself one should take it with both hands! thanks for your encouragement it means a lot, I am sure you are a lovely teacher to your students as well, nothing more important than endorsement to the young and gentle but firm loving guidance, and I feel you must be GREAT at that!

      • Thanks Poli– you are dear. OK, so down the line we’ll be waiting for posts of your idyllic adventure (or maybe maybe just a post script after you get home, if you are really getting away!) I’m a little jealous… But it sounds perfect!

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