Mad hatter’s tea party at the Sanderson Hotel

IMG_4176A visit to London would not be perfect without indulging in a cream tea, I did plan my perfect night out in Soho in advance and booked a table in wonderful Barshu, however I neglected to book cream tea perfection. On the morning of the day – the Dorchester was full, Browns was full, everything was full, and then I called this place expecting them to turn me down, but no they had had a cancellation just moments before and so we scored afternoon tea for 4 at the Mad Hatter’s tea party at the Sanderson hotel. The location is modern, if you can get outdoor seating in the conservatory then that is what I would recommend.  I bring this to Fiesta Friday  and virtually I am bringing along a cake platter. It’s been a while but lovely to see you all :)!. The menu comes stuck inside  the pages of a book:


4 different teas are on offer, a delectable one named chocolate and mint – which was lovely with sugar, although I am a traditional English breakfast kind of girl.  The sandwiches were rolled instead of small triangles and made of different coloured breads, a tiny sponge with a watch dial on top a reference to the late rabbit, and teapots with the king and queen on them all added to the fun. The food was lovely, but not traditional in a trad English cream tea kind of way, that’s to say the focus wasn’t on perfect scones, the scones were ok, but you wouldn’t come here for the scones and the preserves were ok but not artisanal, the setting modern not traditional, but if you sign up for the mad hatters cream tea, then that is what you are hoping to get. And I either wanted the whole deal at the Dorchester or else something wholly different. And if that is what you are looking for then this is it: a wholly different experience.IMG_4169

IMG_4166Small bottles with a straw and handwritten tag drink me – a three tiered mango passion-fruit concoction – a whimsical afternoon for anyone who still embraces their inner child 🙂









18 thoughts on “Mad hatter’s tea party at the Sanderson Hotel

    • Dear AutiJuju – I watched the film too, also very different to my childhood imaginings – but a good film nonetheless – and the tea party well highly recommend it and no risk of animals in the teapot or your head getting lost 🙂

  1. This makes me want to hold a Mad Hatter’s tea, but then I don’t have all those lovely old bottles and chinaware, so will have to wait till I get to London. Lovely post and pictures.

    • dear Hilda I felt the same, when I posted the pics I thought wouldnt it be nice to have a madhatters tea party at home but agree, its easier to travel to london instead 🙂

  2. What fun!! I wish I had your travel schedule Poli!! And I’m with you on the tea– English Breakfast — or Lady Grey are my 2 standbys. I bought a box of “chocolate” tea from our Trader Joe’s once and only used 1 bag!! Thanks for the peek at your amazing tea party!

    • Hi Rhonda – 🙂 my travel schedule is quite tame now, but of course it is also much easier to get to places if you are in a tiny country in the middle of Europe rather than far far away where 5 hours flying time still puts you square in your own country ! I agree on tea, simple and black are the best! thanks for popping by

      • thanks Rhonda – today I finished a project and the team gave me a big bunch of flowers, a card, some cookies and they took me out to dinner – and I am very touched happy and moved – and I am sharing this with you because you often write me kind and supportive things that make me feel really happy as well .) THANK YOU so much

      • sounds like you work with some good people Poli! Wondering where you work, what your projects are, how you ended up living where you are… It seems you have interesting work that takes you here and there– not like me! I’m in Room #2 every day of the year!

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