Sunday in London – golden hen, golden fish and chips and oh so green mushy peas – I don’t know how but I suddenly lose control….

IMG_4197Mamma Mia 🙂 . Here I go again my my – don’t know how much I missed you. I am of course talking about my last fish and chips in July this year….eaten in July.

Regarding the title – Ok so I confess it was Wednesday but at the end of a working conference so that kind of counts as a Sunday, and just after watching Mamma Mia the Musical  -which made it fun   and a couple hours after dancing in the theater ( I confess…..) woo hoo it has been a LONG time – and some hours after having a Bourbon Old Fashioned cocktail , which was what the bartender recommended after I mentioned I wanted something along the lines of a Long Island Ice tea… overall the night felt like a Sunday, it was  a great night out, I get to eat Fish and Chips about twice a year if that, so it’s old childhood memories that are mobilised :).  We ate at Loch Fyne – the only place still serving food until 11pm. The waiter was lovely and helpful. We were told kitchen closes in 5 minutes, it’s amazing how decisive I can be if I only get 5 minutes. Give me 20 minutes and I will analyse the menu, question the staff, question the chef and ask EXACTLY how they make stuff. In 5 minutes, it is between order now or forget dinner, I can order and not complain about the meal all in one :).

For all vegans out there I did try to get into an Indian restaurant where they serve vegan thali but they were closing on us so I fell for the F and C.

Happy Sunday all.

The beer: The Golden Hen beer came in a pretty bottle, it was golden, it wasnt as good as my old time favourite the Galway Hooker, but went well with the dish. Although nothing beats a pale ale in my book!

The food: Loch Fyne

The show: Mamma Mia – it was tacky it was whacky, the Japanese gentleman in front of me was on his feet dancing ( if you know anything about the Japanese culture then this should tell you something about the show’s effectI, it made me smile, it made me jiggle and the theater is amazing – old gold and baroque – a GREAT night out, fun fun fun. AndI  admit I checked if any amateur musical group is putting this on in Basel and needs a chorus girl, fat chance there sadly…. I even checked if I could take part in the UK but didn’t find anything, which is good cause flying there once a week for rehearsals is not fully viable until I win the Euromillion lottery and as I don’t play this is SO unlikely to happen…


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