Multitasking – don’t believe the hype…

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I saw this at a showroom close to me and had to share.

I know that traditionally multi-tasking is the realm of the woman – whereas men get promoted, women get patted on the back and told – I could NEVER do what you do, it is amazing all the stuff you do in parallel I am so impressed….and while you are standing there nodding and smiling having just accepted another massive assignment, because you are SO good, and feeling very very pleased with yourself, the guy/gal who patted you on the back dribbles the ball behind you and scores a goal, if you are unlucky by presenting some of the stuff you multi-tasked …..yes being praised that one is a good multitasker has great effects 1) you work harder 2) you are proud of yourself and the world just spins round a bit faster and makes you get dizzy with all the stuff you are doing, until you perhaps leave the house with your spouses keys and he gets locked inside until someone goes to rescue him – these things happen to people, happened to a good friend of mine only the other day in fact…..or cannot remember if you switched the iron off halfway down the driveway and need to turn back….

I believe, less is more, and linear working does the job, and the more you do in parallel the more mistakes you make. But I have never ever been any good at multitasking..ever!

I don’t think it’s just me – or is it? Any comments from out there in the world are welcome :)!! Happy weekend all!


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