Sunday in Santa Cesarea Terme – there are worse places to spend a Sunday, trust me!

022this is a lovely place on the seaside where the elderly and the tired go in September to bathe their tired limbs in the warm spa water, to play cards and chatter with their friends about children, life, life’s challenges and various ailments, a place where each September the same groups gather and where the waitresses and waiters know their patrons by name. A truly Italian corner of Puglia – where on Sundays families in their Sunday best walk up and down the sea promenade, the women in heels and make up the men with short hair, or no hair, and round heads, and being true Italians regardless of the fact that it is 1) dark 2) raining 3) late afternoon and very cloudy – they are all wearing sunglasses 🙂


9 thoughts on “Sunday in Santa Cesarea Terme – there are worse places to spend a Sunday, trust me!

  1. Polianthus: Your comment about families dressing up to promenade reminds me very much of San Sebastian, where whole families do the same. It was a bit funny too, because grandmothers wore Chanel suits to walk the promenade, while below, not far away, younger ladies lay nude on the beach.

    • Hi Cynthia – that made me smile – envisioning the grandmothers in Chanel suits with the naked ladies below – would have made for some wonderful photographs provided the grandmothers and the ladies were all attractive and one had a good camera 🙂 but i can see it in my mind’s eye

      • I can still see it too!
        What’s more, the most beautiful and expensive swimsuits I’d ever seen were in the shops of San Sebastian. So I wondered why anyone would buy them then take them off — unless they were just too expensive to start with?

      • interesting – you could be right, maybe it was strictly look don’t touch and then you end up naked on the beach 🙂 – or maybe the Chanel grannies wore the swimsuits in style underneath – a secret only they could smile at

  2. Charmed by your post. And wishing I could do a little promenade stroll. In southern Spain when we lived there, the whole town turned out to stroll through the plaza on a Sunday afternoon, stopping for pastries in a bakery and carrying the package to a bar on the plaza for coffee to enjoy them with. (and my other question is– how did you get down to Puglia? for work or just traveling?!) Fun post.

    • Hi Rhonda 🙂 – you highlight one of those things that a lot of US Americans learn to enjoy when in Europe – the fact that Sunday is a day that is different from the rest of the week, when you can chose to spend time with loved ones and have a walk visit a bakery etc. when I lived in DC everything was open all the time and so I felt like I should be doing things all the time, there was never really a day of rest – here in some ways the fact that the shops are shut on Sundays supports one to be human and to enjoy time with the family with no guilt! Puglia – work 🙂 no far off the beaten track that would be – my partners parents live in Puglia so when we go visit them so his mum can enjoy him I get to see life in the South of Italy!

      • Sounds perfect– staying with family you can really feel at home in a place… I love Sundays– usually a day of more quiet and rest– and time worshipping God with people who love him. And I’d love to throw in a stroll in a place so charming as Puglia…

      • fully agree – staying with family is different to staying in hotels, you really experience a place fully! And Sundays going to church and being with people is wonderful too, somehow I have stopped going but back when i did i felt better set up for the week.

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