Can Second Graders Appreciate a US$220 Meal?

IMG_1222just found this one – love the music and the second graders – the comments are very funny!


Check out this hilarious video of a bunch of second graders being treated to a seven-course tasting meal at French restaurant Daniel. Whilst the kids are adorable (and incredibly honest!!), they probably haven’t reached the point where they would appreciate fine dining, or acquired tastes like caviar-indeed, one of them bluntly states: “I can’t wait until we have dessert.”

I don’t blame them- when I was six I’d definitely have picked mac and cheese over squash ravioli any day- and to be fair, I might still choose the former today 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Can Second Graders Appreciate a US$220 Meal?

    • aha clever you – maybe we can go together – we could make up a different reason – you could be – how can teachers who teach second graders teach them adequately if they haven’t had a tasting menu at Daniels (this is a free adaptation of Simone de Beauvoirs quote on how can a woman raise a child to live in this world if she herself has no part in it -a good quote that) ? for me I’d have to make something else up

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