Sunday in Switzerland – expressionist landscapes

IMG_3728I believe  life writes the best stories and oftentimes when someone shares an experience with me I can see a film or a book in it, and I cannot imagine that even a creative mind could improve the story in retelling it, embellish perhaps, furnish maybe, but the bare bones of the experience would still be at the core. There are some stories that seem too wonderful to be lost, and I would love to share them here, but then I’d lose all my friends. … an eternal dilemma, luckily I have a day job, so I am not too tempted.

One such  story that I did share, is the story of the petite English lady in the South Korean clothing stores  – a harmless anecdote, a fun story, written by life somewhere in South Korea.

Back to life and art, the photograph above taken last year somewhere in Aargau in Switzerland reminds me of the paintings of Emil Nolde, for copyright reasons I cannot share them with you, but you can get a sense of them here     .

Vibrant and bursting with life and colour – happy Sunday! The basis of great art is life.


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