Manic Monday – speedy 5 minute lunch

IMG_4289If like me you indulge on the weekends and hang out with family and friends, if you have the odd glass of wine, and hot chocolate in the evening when it is cold outside, and if you refuse to do paperwork, or indeed prefer not to take the phone because the weekends are days for indulgence and rest you probably hit the ground running on Mondays. If, however, you are also a professional procrastinator (take the test here) you will be posting on your blog, instead of filling in your to-do-list (I have found a new resource printable to do lists)

Anyhow in the event that your to do list, like mine, will happily take you through to Christmas (yes Christmas is coming…) the above lunch will have you covered in 3 minutes, apple, green tomato, home made bread, and a cuppa soup (yes I know not a gourmet offering but sometimes one needs to make  do)!



27 thoughts on “Manic Monday – speedy 5 minute lunch

  1. You just hit my sore spot– “to do lists”!! and you’re so right– if I work through the one on my kitchen counter, I should be done by Christmas!! — and lovely easy lunch– you Europeans always have better bread then we do.

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