Sunday in Switzerland – lady in black

IMG_4372 I don’t know if anyone else walks around with their iPHONE at the ready, in case something catches their eye. In my case this is often women walking down a street, men rarely make me want to grab a  camera, and if they do, then usually it is because there is something odd going on (think mullet, think loadsa tatooos, think weird T shirts or whatever is odd in your neck of the woods).

This lady was walking down the road in front of me in the middle of a Friday afternoon in Basel. Unusual garb in Basel and so she caught my eye. And when she turned to look into a very expensive shop,  I realized this stylish apparition was closer to sixty than to forty. She get’s a growing old gracefully gold star from me. There are, I am sure you agree, many many ways to do this wrong (see how to grow old ungracefully 10 tips)both for men and for women, though overall for women it’s just harder. Usually women in Switzerland as they slide into the grey zone between 45 – 70 (middle age and late middle age) and from thence to old age 70+ abandon all attempts to pluck their chinny chin chin or eyebrows and in some cases you look for a bra in vain and as gravity takes a hold,  and no it is not pretty. I am being unkind but in some cases the observations are accurate and only a very mild exaggeration. For more information on this fascinating topic and to understand how the Italians handle old age read  Hip in Milan and some unkind observations on Swiss style  .

However the lady below really does a great job, and I loved the image in black and white. Happy Sunday!IMG_4373


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