New York’s finest Bagels – Sunday in the Caribbean

Sunday in GrenadaThere is some excellent food to be had on this wonderful island, conch, many different kinds of seafood of course, wonderful, wonderful fruit, avocados the like of which I would cry tears of welcome for if I encountered them in my homeland, mangoes, would also be welcomed with tears of joy, then there is the soursop, a nice sour sweet fruit, the sugar apple, count is still out on that one, as it seems to be all seed and no filling, my friend described it as “occupational food”, the sweetest basil with tiny leaves and a very aromatic scent, many different kinds of banana, and of course the world’s tastiest fresh fruit smoothies with guava and mango, passionfruit, watermelon etc. and as witnessed above the worlds finest New York Bagel, which I wasn’t expecting to encounter this far from New York, but then I also tried some very nice pizza today, which was unexpected, so I live and learn! Happy Sunday all.


23 thoughts on “New York’s finest Bagels – Sunday in the Caribbean

    • Hi Flippenblog 🙂 yes I did it – holiday is proving challenging, have already considered volunteering options….sad but true, but hopefully will get over that impulse at some point….going from 1000 miles an hour to none is a shock to the system I didn’t expect!

      • ok haven’t volunteered yet, have transferred to a luxury resort, they bring breakfast to the room – and generally pamper you – very nice place – i suspect you would like it – haven’t volunteered yet, I guess transfer to luxury resort is kind of the opposite of volunteering…staying in the moment is really hard – spend my life working through to do lists, I might need to write a blog on how bad to do lists are for one 🙂

      • HA – a dungeons and dragons player, I have accepted the onerous task and found out that the thingummys are called almonds here (don’t know if the real almond tree looks like that too) – and if you crack the outer husk like thing you get an almond out. Haven’t tried that yet! Hard to open

  1. Sounds like quite a smorgasbord of dishes– I think pizza is ubiquitous– but bagels?? so glad to get a peek into your travels– Hope it’s a refreshing, restorative time. Have to say I’m a little jealous– life is too involved here right now!!

    • pizza is ubiquitous indeed ,bagels, well its a university campus owned by the US so that may have influenced things 🙂 – currently struggling with the peace quite and absolute absence of anything I have to do, no paperwork , no work, no assessments, no anything, just relax, finding it very hard to handle. Bizarre complaint isn’t it.

      • I get it. I’m a do-er not a be-er. Some people love to sleep in on vacation, lay on the beach, watch the sunset for an hour or so… I tend to plan trips filled with museums, music, sights two see and tracking down good food. But I think with some practice you ( and I) could get good at lounging and just being. It’s just a little foreign to the buys worlds we live in. Agree?

  2. AGREE! Hi Rhonda – yes I am also a do-er, which is why someone told me before my holiday that it would be good for me to disconnect from the electricity and to chill, this was an Italian lady of a people that believes no holiday is complete without a beach and that once you are on the beach the best position is prostrate…..I don’t plan much when I go on holiday but I do do stuff when I get there, museums, music as well, long walks and good food, hear the temperatures make me plan each trip according to how much heat i can handle, the time difference and the heat in combination serve to make me not want to try to deal with too much, went for a longer walk and then sat in a cafe and suddenly got all flustered, realised it was heat reaction, so that has me sitting in the shade and not doing too much. Now am in a resort though there is lots of space to walk around but never too far from a cooling drink or a fan. After 5 days of being here am doing a lot better with being – although you can see I am still online! That is the next step…!

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