Gardening in the tropics – waterlilies in Grenada

waterliliesIsn’t this beautiful? A big rusty tub of waterlilies – however, I wonder, how the mosquito population is controlled in this situation where you are providing large pools of stagnant water, ย which would have to be the ideal breeding ground. I am pretty sure the place I am staying would do something about mosquitos, searches on the internet suggest putting guppies or other fish that prey on mosquito larvae in the water, adding frogs and tadpoles, or else adding certain chemicals, not all of which are easily available and all of which apparently are not harmful to humans but which may impact frogs and aquatic plants. So the good news is you can have a beautiful tub of waterlilies in your backyard if you are in the right climate, without increasing the mosquito numbers, the bad news is most of us are not in the right climate, and for those that are, most haveย  challenges beyond cultivating waterlilies.


22 thoughts on “Gardening in the tropics – waterlilies in Grenada

    • Hi NG – haven’t visited you for ages, sorry about that, also FF has been sorely missed but I haven’t been cooking – just eating and sleeping. and getting antsy..
      anyhow – they are beautiful, you could put a big tub right on top of the neighbours bamboo and plant with waterlilies and then keep them warm in the winter, if they even need to be kept warm, I seem to think some grow even up in Virginia now I think about it, oh and in Basel too. Silly me, but probably bigger varieties..

      • I’m further north than Virginia, closer to Philly. Haven’t seen waterlilies around here. But yes, I saw waterlilies in Virginia. And lotus, too! At Jefferson’s Monticello. What I would do to have me a tropical garden! One can always dream. ๐Ÿ˜„

      • I was thinking of you when I posted ๐Ÿ™‚ thought you would be the kind of lady who’d like to have a tropical garden – well you have bamboo right :)?

  1. That’s an idea, alright – for those with a garden. I’m going to pass it on to my friend who has one, once I’ve ascertained the background to getting frogs’n’things … What food in the WI like, generally speaking ?

    • Aha I was all focused on the mosquitos and what they like to eat…..good query on the food – other than the bagels and pizza, which counteth not I am still working on reporting on the food. Lots of seafood of course, and as far as I can tell fried stuff – but I’ll report back :)!

    • Hi Sreejith – thanks for commenting, cannot remember seeing the flower in Kerala but agree it is a very pretty one and there is a lot of beauty in the tropics ๐Ÿ™‚ – do you know what the flower is called?

      • wonderful thanks so much, I can maybe find them now, I have been goggling various flora and fauna that I have encountered but – my descriptions appear to not be perfect!

      • ok great I didn’t search with your name yet, so not your fault, thanks very much for your help Sreejith, do you cultivate the lilies like this in india too, I don’t recall seeing?

      • I don’t think this flower been cultivated anywhere, but it used to grow in temple ponds and back waters.

        Lillie’s been used as offering to god in some temples…

      • Hi Sreejith – that is why Kerala is God’s own country – because everything grows there – lilies are beautiful – in my culture though the big ones are also flowers for the dead – the white large ones, not water lilies of course – happy Monday Poli

      • This forum really helps to understand and appreciate different cultures around the world, right?

        Thank you so much Poli, for sharing your thoughts.

        Have a beautiful day ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Srrejith – I love the comments too, it’s really interesting to hear what people have to say, thank you for reading and participating and being part of the little community
        have a beautiful day too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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