Breakfast is served

Breakfast is servedOne of the lovely things about being on holiday is being pampered – I always love to cook so that is not something I necessarily would want to give up, as to the cleaning and the tidying away, that I would  give away in a heartbeat and so having someone do it for me is wonderful – although eating alone on a balcony is not as much fun as when you are sharing it with a loved one…so tip number one, if you are going to fly for a very long distance and you are planning to stay in a hotel or visiting working friends then if you are part of a couple it’s nice to  be on location together, or with a great friend of course.



6 thoughts on “Breakfast is served

  1. Stringer and I did that for a while, but when we started renting gîtes in France, we derived just as much pleasure from breakfast ‘at home’. But I do know what you mean; for breakfast at Le Clair de la Plume in Grignan was to die for.

    • 🙂 hi there -I have a wonderful website gites de france which I am guessing is one you might also use – to be honest, if I can toddle round a market find my own food and bring it home in a big back pack to unwrap marinated olives and stinky cheeses I am in heaven – this morning was all torrential rain, each suite here is in a separate romantic little house like setting and so the maids (I don’t know if that is still used) but frankly nicer names don’t change peoples working conditions) have to run around fully loaded with trays and then up and down wooden wet slippery steps to serve the tourists (which makes me want to offer to help – I guess its being a doctor and not being born with live in staff that makes one handle this not so well).. If you are on a romantic getaway it’s wonderful as a person on holiday alone visiting friends I’d much rather sit in a crowded dining room and feel some life! But will take note of La Claire de la Plume in Grignan

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