Take the plunge – at Grande Anse, Grenada

Grand Anse ocean

This is the original photo straight from the iPHONE – no tampering no tinkering, this is what the water looks like. For me this is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, pure pure blue with a dusting of clouds in the sky. Traipsing around by myself mostly as I am I cannot just schuck my clothes and leave the camera on the beach and dive into the cooling waters, but need to abstain and watch. However, a walk up and down Grande Anse beach is a must if you ever end up in Grenada, there is so much to see, and once you are acclimatised to the heat, you are no longer diving from air-conditioning unit to air-conditioning unit.


12 thoughts on “Take the plunge – at Grande Anse, Grenada

    • well I guess that is of course entirely possible dear M-R. 🙂 although I’d be hard pressed to be a better man!
      anyhow, running being an independent minded person the thought of losing my credit cards and phone makes me all worried, so that makes resistance easy!
      In my defence I did go swimming in the rain yesterday, the only person in the water!

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