Grenada: contender for gold medal as “world’s most regulated” country…….


I you believe the sign..
I love signs – I think the best ones I ever saw to date were in China – the instructions on them were astoundingly funny – I photographed the welcome letter in a hotel in Dongguan, or was it Datong, cannot remember, Transsib trip years ago, need to find the photos again, when I do I will post that letter. It had me and my sister in giggles :). Anyhow, the sign above is also fun, many harmless activities are frowned upon, I did see a great sign on the beach I could only read the header “what to do if you experience a Tsunami” – my first thought was tsunami here? Tectonic plates end where? (as if I would know), my second thought was to look out to the sea, to look up the sloping beach and the flat land beyond and to figure out speed of wave (fast) speed of me (snail like) and figure my chances (abysmal) and so I read the first instruction with interest. The sign instructs, in the event of a tsunami “RUN” ……I guess instead of doing what your first impulse might be – say take a photo? Prod the old lady next to you and say ” wow can you see that really deadly wall of water bearing towards us at I don’t know what speed?” anyhow, sadly I didn’t get a photo of the sign, as there was a group of loitering blokes beckoning me closer in front of it and it just felt better to most on along. I will have to photograph it another day..


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