Sunday in Grenada – St George Street Scene

Saturday in St George

Apparently I brought the rain to Grenada, almost every day since I got here it has rained – in the first days it was just really high humidity, heat and no rain, which was hard to deal with, now it’s cloudy skies and rain on and off all day. Good for the skin as no tan in sight, then again using factor 50 might also be a contributing factor to this. Anyhow, on the bright side the rain makes all things green, and cools down the air – which is wonderful. Above a street scene from St Georges – a hustling bustling town – vendors sell their fruits, vegetables and home made spice necklaces at their tiny stalls. You can find all manner of spices, all island produced: nutmeg, cassia cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) sold here as cinnamon, which is also what you get when you shop for cinnamon in the US, rather than the more delicate Cinnamomum verum (true cinnamon) that hails from Ceylon/ Sri Lanka and other places) – the taste of the two is actually quite different, cassia bark has a sharp, peppery bite to it, whereas true cinnamon has a more delicate taste, it is softer, more “powdery” and mellow. Cassia is brash in comparison. If Cassia is Dolly Parton or perhaps the pop singer Pink, then Cinnamonum verum is Judi Dench.
Cassia cinnamon is much cheaper than true cinnamom, it also contains cumarin, which true cinnamon doesn’t. Other than cassia bark, you can find cocoa balls for hot chocolate, nutmeg along with cool handmade nutmeg graters made out of recycled tins, mace, allspice ground and pimento berries, vanilla extract, nutmeg syrup (makes quite a nice cocktail, nutmeg syrup in prosecco, you could use champagne but I prefer to drink my champagne pure) and a plethora of other stuff. Little old ladies sell their homemade guava candies, and of course there is a whole garden of vegetables and fresh fruit on offer if you happen to be staying in an apartment and prepping your own food.

Some thoughts on where to stay in Grenada, a more targeted post on this later:

If you are figuring out where to stay on Grenada – the area around Grande Anse beach is very nice,  the hotels are more embedded in the community, there are shopping centres, the worlds most beautiful beach, lots of restaurants and cafes and all are within walking distance of your hotel. There is also a gym you can get a membership to at the spice island mall, the treadmills and cross trainers have seen better days, but serviceable as usually the hotel gyms are not too well equipped.

There is a movie theatre up the hill from the spice island mall in grande anse if you wanted to catch a film, 3 on offer at time of writing and even in 3D, which I wasn’t expecting. And If you decide to stay further afield, for example to the very beautify Calabash hotel, you will discover that you are out in the middle of nowhere, which is perfect for a romantic getaway, however, for any trips you will need to either hop on what my friends here term a “white knuckle ride bus” run by the locals, they drive down the country roads (thats pretty much all there is) at lightning speeds, and cram loads of people in, other alternatives are to get a cab. Rent a car, which considering that driving here is an erratic activity you might want to reconsider, think steep steep roads, flash rains and suddenly rising water levels on the road, potholes and locals driving with high beams, few road signs, and also not much in the way of street lamps

12 thoughts on “Sunday in Grenada – St George Street Scene

  1. Hmmm – not for faint hearted younger ladies either, in my twenties I could have gone anywhere and felt at home, as I get older I realise I have stronger likes and dislikes, seen more of the world in general and am less hungry to experience things – when I was twenty breaking down in a cab in the Sinai and having someone fix the cab by digging through a bucket of spare parts and then fiddling somehow was great fun, now I am happy with mod cons and pampering…so it’s maybe it’s just experience and age 🙂 – PS the faint hearted old ladies all get off the cruise ships…a safe haven if you will 🙂

    • Hello dear Rhonda – you always brighten my spirits. Regarding spirit brightening, I tried to get into a church here yesterday but all the entrances were closed off and barred, have never seen that anywhere else in the world. Travel and write – yes that would be wonderful and get to try lots of new foods too! Although am missing my loved ones who I left behind on this trip at the moment, so maybe I would be a bad travel writer 🙂

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