Chef Joseph’s Caribbean spice island pancakes – Grenada


If you are in any doubt about whether you are an introvert or an extrovert I suggest this test (which if you are an extrovert will have you escaping the hotel to seek people) – spend 1 week at a luxury resort geared at couples on romantic mini-breaks, have your breakfast served to you on your room balcony and speak to about 2 people per day, the room service lady is a quick hi and goodbye proposition, and then you can also talk to the front desk. The front desk closes from 11pm to 7am, and as you are in the boonies, you are in the middle of black, Caribbean night with a television for company and all friends world over in different time zones are asleep. If you enjoy this you are definitely an introvert. Apparently I am an extrovert, because after a week of this I was feeling cutoff from the world and so I moved to a different resort, I am now probably one of the few people to try two Grenadian resorts on the same holiday. Anyhow, I have now moved to resort 2 – breakfast is a big buffet, which means you can decide in the instant what you want to eat, not the night before, being commitment averse this suits me much better. Also there is a huge amount of staff running around bringing you tea, chatting with you, discussing the weather the islands the spices the plants etc. And so today during breakfast I had these wonderful spiced pancakes, I have never thought to make them spiced before, which seems strange, as it is such a logical thing to do.

The pancakes are really special, simple to make, so highly recommended. In essence the same consistency as regular US style pancakes, so you can use your own recipe or else do some maths and minimise the quantity below. Chef Joseph kindly shared his recipe with me and allowed me to post his picture and the recipe!

Spice Island pancakes (makes around 100 for a big breakfast, or a party where your guests make their own)


4 cups flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons baking powder
36 eggs (yes I know it’s a hotel kitchen)
1 litre of milk


Cinnamon – he didn’t give me quantities here, but I would start with 1 tablespoon for this amount of flour)
nutmeg – freshly grated, don’t even try to use the dried up stuff you buy ready grated it just doesn’t taste the same (don’t use too much, don’t use too little!) Start out with a little, it’s strong stuff!
2 tablespoons traditional Caribbean spice mix which you can either buy if you can get it, or else make I found  recipe here: mixed essence (this adds a peppery flavour to the pancake, although it might also be the copious amounts of cinnamon!)

Spice island pancakes

This is wonderful for breakfast with traditional maple syrup, or nutmeg syrup, with or without bacon. I imagine it would also be very nice with great quality vanilla ice-cream and some cold stewed apples for dessert, that is if I was in a climate where it wasn’t 30 degrees….or course I will be in one of those shortly..

Spice island pancake

So I haven’t been to Fiesta Friday for a while but these pancakes seemed like a worthwhile offering to bring to Chef JospehAngies, so hello everyone, happy Fiesta Friday on a Tuesday. So a GREAT big thank you to Chef Joseph and  greetings from the Spice Isle!


19 thoughts on “Chef Joseph’s Caribbean spice island pancakes – Grenada

    • Oh yes , miss me mine own space too – need the peace and quiet of a personal environment, if I ever come down to SA I will look you up you know! Ill just google wildly successful butt kicking lawyer with a sassy attitude and blonde hair who loves her food decorates well, and is VERY funny – that should do it? 🙂 – yes I guess you and I are somewhat similar – I need my own space too – but I also need to get out and see stuff happening, albeit on my own terms more or less and with a fast retreat in sight -maybe that makes me a human equivalent of a sea snail – roving around and exploring but keeping a shell to dive into handy.

      • Hehe. Just google functional mentally insane. My shell is huge and I need to go there often for extreme people overload. Yes come visit! I told you to! Enjoy the rest of your break while I run around like a headless chicken with a calm exterior. If they only knew…..

      • Hehe – extreme people overload – I love that expression – do you want to write a guest blog about how to handle that on my blog – just in case you need to do something on top of running around like a headless chicken 🙂 I will google functional mentally insane sounds intriguing 🙂
        Calm exterior? wow you are the bomb! I am impressed

  1. 36 eggs?! Yikes!! Island pancakes do sound marvelous, though. Except for when I’m cranky and moody and want to be left alone, I’d say I’m an extrovert. But I can be shy in many situations, too. So, who knows what kind of personality I am. I guess I’m everything!! Is that possible? 😀

    • Hi there NG – ooh it almost sounds like your name NG – the abbreviation 🙂 – anyway 36 eggs, well yes but you can just use your regular pancake mix and add spices 🙂 – one of my trainers at work in a class I took once described it this way – an extrovert is someone who draws energy from being with people, and introvert is someone who feels spending too much time with people draining – I liked that – for the most part I’d say that I’m in that case an extrovert who needs space to handle extreme people overload from time to time! What about you?

      • That’s why I’m keeping it, even though I’m not much of a gardener these days. I have a couple pet peppers indoors right now, that’s pretty much it.

        I think I’m a lot like you, but it also depends on the people I’m with. Some people are just more pleasant to be with, while others not so much. In that case, it can be very draining. But in general, I like most people😄.

      • Hi there – you are so right, some people make you feel energised and some are what I would call energy vampires, they suck all life out of you! Pet peppers sounds cool, I hope my peppers are still alive I left them in the care of my beloved and I suspect they may not make it, although I so really hope they do as I have had them 3 years now… happy wednesday

  2. Ya know… I think I’d be whatever I needed to be to find myself on a Caribbean resort! 😉 And you sure know what to bring to a party- 100 pancakes with lovely island spices! Yuummm! Thanks for bringing these by to Fiesta Friday this week! 🙂

    • Hi Tracy – ya know you have a point – you’d be whatever you needed to be – point well taken :)!! Glad you like the pancakes – I am sure FF has gotten so big that 100 of these will be gone like a flash! You too are a wise woman, you’d fit right in here on Grenada!

    • HI MR I am still here – another couple of days and then I get to go home I haven’t shown Chef Josepn the post yet but wanted to do so today so will share your comment!

  3. Looks like you’re eating well, Poli! I’m definitely an introvert– But I think that first place would have been a little too lonely even for me. One of the best parts of traveling is the people you interact with…

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