Magical Datura, little girl and aggressive vegetation – Annandale falls, Grenada

Magical datura

On a trip to visit Annandale water fall we came across a very beautiful datura tree in full bloom and this adorable little girl holding a flower, both wonders of nature. The abundance of the vegetation is stunning and also for a non-tropical being, more than a little intimidating. The greenery claims the island with what I can best describe as a kind of focused aggression, each leaf, each fruit, each roving root communicates emphatically that resistance is futile. The environment here lets you know in no uncertain terms that it is not to be tamed and you are not in control of it.

Perhaps being surrounded by such raw power explains why the Grenadians seem for the most part to be a wise and philosophical people, at least the ones I have had longer conversations with. The focus is on the good in life and the moment (oh and they have also developed a very clever way of handling weeds – more on that another day).


3 thoughts on “Magical Datura, little girl and aggressive vegetation – Annandale falls, Grenada

  1. I do agree, whole-heartedly, about their beauty. But if I were her mama, I would run screaming at her and tear that blossom from her hands. I mean, they really are terribly poisonous …

    • Yes indeed – we told the mama that as well, although while I knew they were poisonous, it took my friend who is a mum, to think like you did and ensure the flower got thrown away. In the photo which I haven’t seen the child has thrown the flower away – told you the vegetation was aggressive…

  2. Darling little girl– and I love your analysis of the fierceness of the vegetation! We lived a year in Costa Rica learning Spanish and it was much the same way– including an amazing assortment of insects who felt right at home in our house!

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