Be Tsunami Smart – read the sign at Grand Anse

Tsunami Smart

To be honest when you are walking along a beach and you come across a sign like this it’s a bit scary, I admit I automatically scanned the horizon, then looked to see how far away higher ground was, too far for an unfit female no longer in the full bloom of joyful youth at any rate – and thus calculated my chances as nil in the event of the event.

I did however note that the sign looks very worn which was good news, and I also notice that all animals around me close to the water look totally happy, which is a good sign. I also suspect I would pick up the early warning signals because of the experience I had in Milan in 2012.

In Milan in May of 2012 I was in an apartment on the 5th floor, and work in panic  demanding we leave the apartment – I was totally convinced that we had to get out of the apartment, outside, into the street, – naturally from a rational point of view going out into the Milanese street in the middle of the night does not seem like a clever or wise move. (Note to anyone who doesnt know: in many parts of Milan it would be a downright stupid move). However, my sense of panic  made sense to me the next morning . A devastating earthquake hit Emilia Romana and the aftershock hit Milan around 8 or 9 am. The apartment building I was in was shuddering and the ceiling lamps were swinging wildly from side to side. So I guess I was picking up some early tremors or something. On the bright side I picked something up on the less bright side being human I ignored all signals and would do again. However, having been in Milan it was safe anyhow.

15 thoughts on “Be Tsunami Smart – read the sign at Grand Anse

  1. Milan is my favourite city in the entire world; but I would CERTAINLY not find myself outside in the middle of the night !!!!
    Mebbe you have second sight ?!

  2. The sign is ominous but nonetheless serves a purpose. Rather unsettling, I am not very fast and doubt I would have a snowballs chance in the event of a Tsunami. That had to be a terrifying experience in Milan, thats a very strong earthquake.

    • Hi there – it you are right it is a good sign, I agree, just makes you realise again how dangerous the environment can be – it was terrifying in Milan it was a strong earthquake however we were far from the epicentre and there was a lot of destruction there, so really it was a shock nothing more. Very lucky for us,

  3. I live in Chirstchurch New Zealand. Four years ago we had a series of big earthquakes followed by over 15,000 aftershocks! We are still getting shakes now but they aren’t so strong and are lots further apart.
    In the first one I too wanted to run outside, but found out that this is a really dangerous thing to do. Almost every house with a chimney had the chimney fall over. Fronts of buildings fell off too.
    Most people in their houses were fine as we have strict building regulations here. They recommend sheltering in a door frame.
    The most people were killed in two office buildings which fell down in another big shake about six months after the first big earthquake. Our city is still being rebuilt. It’s been an interesting experience!

    • Dear Viki thanks very much for commenting, I remember the Christchurch earthquakes, they were very strong, didn’t think of the fact that outside the house you would be more in danger from things falling off buildings…makes sense of course, I once had a chimney fall on my car (old building, bad maintenance, new car) and don’t want to imagine what would happen if that hit a person, Basel too is in an earthquake zone – we also have instructions to stand in the doorway, or get under a table I think. and our building regulations would be strict too, that said, intuition and scientific recommendations don’t always match…good to hear that you are now in a currently quiescent phase.

  4. Hi Poli– Now you are going to get everyone’s earthquake stories!! I’ve been in many minor ones (living in southern California) — in the summer of 2009, I went to Sizchuan China to teach conversational English to High School English teachers– that is the area that had had the devastating earthquake the year before. Many of my students had lost people at their schools in the earthquake. The dorm I slept in had a 20 foot crack down the entry way from that earthquake.. Well, one night we were woken by an earthquake and ran from the building — It all turned out OK, but I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.

    • Hi Rhonda – great to hear people’s stories, interesting that you went to Sichuan, amazing place, I am impressed by all the places you have been! I loved it there. only there for a short while though. I like to make Sizchuan style eggplant with garlic and chili, have you made that, you must remember eating it and loving the food? always hard dealing with tragedy like that you are a brave woman if you sletp with a 20 foot crack down the ceiling of your room! I can imagine you didnt sleep the rest of the night I wouldn’t have either

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