Devouring the ocean

CatamaranGrenada weather for the past weeks has been rain, rain, interrupted by the odd ray of sunshine, however when the weather is good, and probably even when it is not so good, the intrepid travellers and the catamarans get going. This beautiful 60ft catamaran owned by Carib Cats  is moored on Grande Anse beach and will take you out for a day of sailing. They advertise the fact that they also offer an open bar – the boat hosts up to 55 people, which means you could get all your friends together and take the boat out for a day and have a party! Myself I prefer discussing recipes and herbs with the locals and admiring the boats from where I stand happily with both feet planted in the sand, but to each her own!



8 thoughts on “Devouring the ocean

  1. Oh, me too !!!! Sailing is defnitely NOT among my favourite activities … Beautiful and all as that cat is, I’d rather watch it pull out and sail away …

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