Introducing the passionfruit peanut butter snack wrap ….


Is this a recipe? Well I don’t know, but it is a healthy-ish snack

  • 1 pita wrap, the really slim ones, not the puffy ones
  • some organic peanut butter (no added sugar, corn-syrup etc. not trans fats, check the label, it’s a crime what you find in these things if you look)
  • 1 fresh large and yummy looking passionfruit, ideally straight from the farmer at the road-side

open out the pita, spread with peanut butter, sccop the passionfruit seeds and flesh into the pita, wrap it up, and there you have a healthier take on white bread with grape jelly and peanut butter. Oh and i think it tastes fantastic. This is my humble fiesta friday offering :)!

11 thoughts on “Introducing the passionfruit peanut butter snack wrap ….

    • me neither Tracy – but I had both in my hotel room and managed not to find any lunch and so improvised, but honestly it was pretty tasty, and I love the crunchy seeds in the wrap with the PB!

  1. As I’m a “passionate passionfruit lover” but also a little bit of the lazy sort, I can’t wait till my daughter gets home from Grenada to prepare this wrap for me.
    Erna R.

  2. When in school, a common topic for conversation was what made the best peanut butter sandwich. Everyone had A favourite and was grossed out by everyone else’s. Mine was sweet, really sweet onion. I have since learned everyone’s favourite was pretty good, but this is a new one for me, and I believe you when you say it is delicious. Hope to try it.

    • Hi Hilda – interesting – the only version I ever came across was peanut butter and Welches grape jelly, and I think Welches Grape jelly is a crime against humanity, at least those of us who know what a real grape tastes like and can tell the difference between fake grape and real grape flavour. Sweet onion and peanut butter sounds interesting if a little risky should you ever be planning to talk to anyone after having eaten it! The peanut butter and passion fruit combo is really rather nice, and as it’s not work at all to put together in a wrap you have nothing to lose! thanks for stopping by Poli

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