Sunday in Grenada – breakfast is served

Breakfast is served 1

Mango yoghurt homemade

Mango joghurt

Fresh crepes with lime and sugar

Crepes Sugar and Lime

Avocado and cheddar

Breakfast is ready

In the first hotel I stayed at in Grenada you get breakfast served on your balcony each day, the rooms are all in individual houses and the kitchens are placed in between so that breakfast is freshly made for you on site and then brought to you, in my case up 2 flights of stairs. The benefit of this system is you get to sit on your balcony, look out into the beautiful grounds and enjoy privacy with your partner, the negatives are you need to decide the night before what you want to eat the next morning and also at what time, and I believe holidays should have as few restrictions and as few decisions as possible and leave as much freedom for spontaneous decisions as possible. Another negative for me is that I find it hard to see people running through the rain to serve me breakfast trying to balance a tray and an umbrella etc. always felt like I needed to go help..

serving breakfast


13 thoughts on “Sunday in Grenada – breakfast is served

  1. Lovely images … I’m having the devil of a time with breakfast, when trying for low-carb … Sighh …
    That yummy spread wouldn’t do – but it sure looks WONDERFUL.

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