Cakes in Paradise @ NY finest bagels Grenada, Caribbean

I find different cultures and tastes fascinating and this is where the recent post on cakes in the UK versus cakes in other parts of the world came from cakes in Britain .
It stands to reason therefore that when I saw these cakes in Grenada in the window of the store named “New York’s finest Bagels”, also featured here,  I had to take some pictures to share.  These are the example cakes I think,  you’d need to order I guess, cannot imagine these are all ready to sell. The sheer variety on offer was amazing, easily competing with Harrods (maybe not on the cake base, which is probably vanilla, but I am only guessing here based on the lack of descriptions, but certainly regarding decorations).  Despite the fact that Grenada is a small island in the Caribbean with a population of  a total of around 110 000 people on around  344 square kilometres – there is a lot of cake to be had..(source population review). According to the cited source only 30% of the population born on the island remains there, there is a high migration rate. Most people I talked to told me of sons and daughters in Trinidad, the US, Canada etc. Grenadians like their cake despite the fact that the humidity is around 80% a lot of the time and the temperatures around 30°C (86°F) – and apparently have no qualms experimenting with butter icing despite the heat. This reminds me of an article I read many years ago in gourmet magazine on cake baking and decorating in Malaysia, which apparently is a very big trend there, check out this site as an example, which according to the article I read was explained by the influence of the British during their rule of British Malaya between 18th – 20th centuries. I guess a similar influence of the British might be the reason that the Grendians love their decorated cakes. Grenada achieved independence from the British in 1974, Malaysia became a fully independent state in 1957 (all data from the internet, so if you really care about history, I suggest you make sure you use a reputable source and not a cake blog :))


So from the cakes on offer I infer about the Grenadian cake baking and loving population 1) they like their cakes 2) they are highly visual as they appear to favour  colourful and intricately designed cakes 3) they are imaginative – you can get your cakes in the shape of a fruit basket, corn on the cob, peacock etc. it seems that Grenada’s bakers have limitless imagination when it comes to decorating. Oh and least you suspect the cakes are not good – I was invited to a children’s birthday party and had the pleasure of trying a cake – it was moist with hints of vanilla (I donated my blue butter icing to the little boy sitting next to me).


IMG_4967Fruit basket


Corn on the cob cake

The Grenadians also appear to take their wedding cakes very seriously – and from the size of the cakes on offer I am guessing the wedding parties are big affairs. The cakes photographed here were all found in the window of a sandwich shop ” New York’s finest Bagels” – on the corner of the road opposite Grande Anse Spice Isle market.





So this my dear friends is my contribution to today’s fiesta friday – happening over at Angie’s NG website, hostess of the mostest best virtual web parties, with great recipes, with a great recipe for thanksgiving, great bloggers and fun posts – check it out if you haven’t been to visit yet!

12 thoughts on “Cakes in Paradise @ NY finest bagels Grenada, Caribbean

    • why hello there – the corn on the cob was great fun, I was sure there must be some reason for it, but the guy selling them said nope it’s just a corn on the cob ( I was thinking fertility – eat at weddings that kind of thing but probably overanalysing..) thanks for welcome home, glad to be back, embracing the chill in the air and low humidity and have just got christmas decorations out – glad to be back – head seems to need more than 3 weeks Caribbean to chill fully but yes more chilled than before 🙂

      • The typo I made up there is glaring at me! I also got a few decorations out. Slowly but surely getting myself into a festive spirit. Three weeks then a break for me too! Need to watch the weight at the rate I am going and now all these glorious festive baking blogs come out. Enjoy your time at home.

  1. Hello there hun – I have just corrected your typo – not that I saw it the first time round, but now there is no proof! Happy break – yes weight a challenge, love your pic of welcoming November in by the way!

    • they are fun aren^t they so creative and different – I wouldnt have the patient (nor the skill) to even try to make something like that but have to say I really admire them too!

    • 100% behind you Rhonda – most overly decorated cakes that I have tried tasted like cardboard – on a trip to the UK I was served a cake made by a master baker who teaches baking and it was so dry that I couldn’t believe it when everyone told me how wonderful he was as a baker. But then other countries, other cultures, other cake-spectations I guess!

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