Christmas from Trinidad: Black cake involves fruit, booze and time

in an exchange with now at home on black cake – in response to her cooking fruitcakes in south africa I mentioned Black Cake and went in search of this treat – this sounds like a good starting point right here, I have just cleared out all my spices and also come back from Grenada carrying mixed essence, allspice, and ginger – I imagine there might be some allspice in there? and so I might give it a go:

By Linda Shiue

“I started soaking my fruit two weeks ago,” I bragged to my brother-in-law at Thanksgiving last year.

He glared at me: “Good. You can make a black cake next year, then.”

Mind you, this is my brother-in-law who never cooks, unless you count opening take-out containers. But he’s got a point. Come Christmastime, the measure of a Trinidadian cook is how far in advance she has soaked her dried fruit in rum and brandy for making the Christmas treat known as black cake.

I’m not from Trinidad. I’m an Asian-American born in Kentucky and raised on Long Island. But ever since I met the Trinidadian man who would become my husband, I’ve been learning to make his country’s national dishes, and that includes black cake.

For the record, the cake has dried and glacé fruit and peel in it, but don’t dare call it a fruitcake. Black…

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14 thoughts on “Christmas from Trinidad: Black cake involves fruit, booze and time

    • OCD – no of course not 🙂 – all depends on how you look at it – 11 seems really reasonable for some….depends on how big your party is… is a largish number though yes? I spent the weekend labeling all my spices and herbs – currently haven’t got much work on so am organising the cupboards so wouldn’t dare comment on OCD!

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