“First world” concern of the day: Do vegan equestrians ride in leather saddles?

Source Photo: Wikimedia, Jaime Jackson 2005, sadly I have never been in Utah, looking at this photo I think I need to go. However, back to the topic at hand: I don’t know the answer to this but wanted to share the question as it seemed so surreal. If you are curious for more on this topic you can find it all here. It‘s amazing the types of questions you find on the internet – and the discussions on the above – the views went from 1) no of course not no true vegan would ride in a leather saddle 2) yes of course – the question was also discussed whether a vegan would support the artificial lifestyle that is a horses in the first place – also of course what happens if you are a vegan and your friend has a leather sofa…


P.S. While animal welfare is very important I always get uncomfortable when in discussions the belief surfaces that there is only one right way to (add in the verb of your choice here) e.g. eat, pray, love, worship, protect, honour, loves ones homeland, co-exist with other nationalities, adopt, ride on the bus (think Rosa Parks) etc. etc. because inherent in that way of thinking is the conviction that therefore everyone else must not be “right” – which historically never ends up in a good place


9 thoughts on ““First world” concern of the day: Do vegan equestrians ride in leather saddles?

  1. well I am not a vegan. definitely not. But might it not be a wee bit not consistent, if one vegan would use ANYTHING made from a dead animal? And the red indians (is one allowed under political correctness terms to use that word?) did ride without saddle anyway, so having no saddle but a horse is manageable
    Greez Landkrauter

    • hello my dear favourite legal specialist – agree that using anything from a dead animal might be inconsistent, that would include glue, wax, book-bindings and wine which is sometimes purified using animal products (I read lots of vegan cookbooks..) etc. so full consistency probably leads to a complex life, if you simplify it you could say you avoid anything that you know involved animal death to produce i.e. handbags, shoes, leather etc. – however, vegans also don’t eat honey – see this website http://animalrights.about.com/od/Veganism/a/Vegans-And-Honey.htm because any exploitation of an animal – and they write the following: “Keeping bees for commercial or hobby purposes violates the bees’ rights to be free of human exploitation. As with companion animals or other farmed animals, breeding, buying and selling animals violates the animals’ rights to live free of human use and exploitation, and bees are commercially bred, bought and sold.” – by the same token keeping horses in stables and riding them would I believe be in the same category – if you follow the given arguments to their rational conclusion at least. For me using products where no animal was harmed and living with animals while having a vegan approach to eating would not be a contradiction per se, but then I am not a vegan.

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