Niggi Näggi festivities -6th December and assorted goodies – thank you mum!

OIMG_5351n the 6th of December we celebrate “Niggi Näggi” – traditionally it’s the first day in the year where you eat mandarin oranges and clementines, and also the first day, traditionally, when you eat the famous Grittibänz, a type of sweet bun in the shape of a man.

IMG_5359On the 6th of December St Niklaus and his helper “schmutzli” visit children, ask if they were naughty, or nice, bring small presents – of nuts and oranges and clemetines and motivate children to be even better next year by telling them that they could be taken off to the black forest for remedial treatment if they behave badly :).  It has been many years since I was visited by father christmas or threatened with exile to the black forest, however I still love this celebration every year and I love my mum among other things of course for still wanting to surprise us and making it special for us still! Today she presented me with a wonderful Grittibänz (above right) best enjoyed with a nice big cup of hot cocoa (below) my mum outdid herself by also presenting us with a big surprise: an unexpected bag of St Niklaus’ goodies (below), nuts and oranges, home-made Christmas biscuits using my grannies recipe, other cinnamon star biscuits and little chocolates It’s a wonderful thing to receive this token of love when you are not expecting it and when you are all grown up! Thank you mum! If you wanted to make a Grittibänz to enjoy yourself – there is a recipe here on last year’s post for Niggi Näggi – the little men are fun to make with kids, you can decorate them however you like.



7 thoughts on “Niggi Näggi festivities -6th December and assorted goodies – thank you mum!

    • It really is – and as the days are cold and dark now it lights up the evening – the Dutch celebrate this too, might have thought it would have made it’s way to SA with the boers – but I guess not then…

    • Hello dear Rhonda – currently fully swamped again paperwork, pre xmas tidying out of cupboards, sending christmas cards and thinking of all those people I see only rarely, amazing how much work there is always on a to do list near me! However I am hoping it will get quieter and i can wind down and enjoy the holidays soon! Wishing you the same Rhonda, all the best Poli!

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