Sunday in Gouyave – Grenadians do it better!

Sunday in Grenada- Workers

Or the world’s best value statement for a company – short snappy and direct, and you just know what it means!

Seen at the Gouyave Nutmeg plant in Grenada

Whether you believe or do not believe in God is not the question here, although you might initially think so, this being Sunday. If you are looking for a statement to give guidance to your workforce and to live by yourself, whatever you believe, you could do worse than to follow the guidance on the sign in intent.

It is clear and unmistakeable and if the instructions were followed you might even achieve a nice peaceful work day  free of politics, machinations, mobbing, gossip and all the other stuff that generally makes people’s day at work more stressful than strictly necessary. After all, as far as I have seen and heard (it’s amazing the conversations you overhear  in airports and bars and restaurants relating to people’s work-days, whether you want to listen in or not) it is rarely the work itself that tires people out.

All companies nowadays have mission and vision statements, they have values and core behavioural goals, the intent behind the statements vary from company to company, in essence they are used to motivate the weary workforce and align them behind a common goal, which is critical to success, also the values help to communicate a brand image to the outside, and the key behaviours that are expected to be demonstrated, despite often being impossible by their nature to quantify,  are used in yearly performance review cycles.  I noticed a couple of years ago that many companies have very similar values, and many of  these focus on being fair to one another and equal opportunities, both very, very good values to uphold.

Some examples of company values

One multinational  company cites it’s values as follows:   we are committed to equality of opportunity, fairness, work and lifestyle, mutual respect and dignity at work for all associates. Inclusion establishes and reinforces behavioural standards that foster a collaborative culture and work environment, which will enable individuals and groups to contribute to their fullest potential.

Another  multinational pharmaceutical company cites: integrity – to always be open honest and ethical, passion and courage as their core value. 

Coke says on it’s website that it’s goal is to refresh the world…, To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…, To create value and make a difference.

A company called Tom’s shoes has a value called: give shoes that fit (!)  

Most company values could be summarised by the exhortation to behave with integrity and to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself….(oh yes it isn’t easy).

And this brings us back full circle to the sign in the photo – which initially seems out of date, however,  true to the Grenadian talented way with words – there are many short and snappy statements to be found on poster boards all around the island the exhortation to  “Bring God’s peace inside and leave the devil’s noise outside” captures the essence of what company values contain in 10 short words – naturally God’s peace could be changed to something areligious and the devil’s noise could also be adapted to be more “modern” however, regardless of our belief systems most of us have associations with what would be considered godly and what would be considered “devilish or evil” – and if those associations were used to guide how  we interpret the statement  pictured I believe one could do a lot worse than to follow the instructions!


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