Sunday in Switzerland – Zofingen – a virtual visit – the Swiss and work!


A pretty town where tourists sadly rarely go – lovely old fashioned restaurants, some great little shops, an intact town centre with cobblestones and shops that remind you what it was like to peruse wares before every city looked the same with uniform offerings of Zara, H&M, Talie Weijl (or however it is spelled), Burger King, McDonald and Starbucks. Zofingen, according to a a shop-owner who welcomed us in, offered champagne, spoke about holidays in Scotland and the sad lack of tourists to the city, is Switzerland how it used to be. There are loads of little shops, the signs above the businesses indicate the trade and have been there for many years.   In cafés people notice if you are speaking English, the menus are not all fusion Californian, and despite one sushi restaurant I came across it’s all still quite traditional.

These are small shops run by local people and offering original gifts and interesting items at surprisingly reasonable prices, highly recommend a trip if you are ever driving through Switzerland. While there is no river, no lake and no mountains, there is a beautiful old town centre and some very nice meals to be had.

There are also some for want of a better word mottos by which to live you life, painted on the towns walls . The translation of which might help explain the Swiss to non-Swiss. The Swiss are  not famous for being a fun-loving population but they are famous for having  good work ethic and producing high quality goods…..IMG_5420

Sign above a dry cleaners…


Old square with tree….and you get a really nice hot chocolate in the cafe behind the tree!IMG_5414IMG_5409


Shop window in Zofingen


Creative fountain gardening!


here’s to beer – a sign outside the Federal pub


Stoffsache – for those of you who sew your own clothes – or knit – or do both – this shop is heaven!


The pharmacy – closed on a Sunday


The sun shines on Zofingen


The translation of the above text – it’s focus on work, on an old city center building, tells you a lot about the focus of the Swiss: do not work too much, nor too little, remember Sunday is the purpose of your working week. Sunday gives meaning to your work and distills the benefit from your travails (yes this is a very very fast translation, the original rhymes, however, the translation is true to the essence of the sentence..if not a wonderful sentence in itself).


and if you were in any doubt as to the focus of the population here then the above text should help you out:

As time passes all highs and lows are balanced out,  however time moves fast, understand this and work!

Yes it is all about the work – well not all, but in order to understand the subtleties you’d need to spend time talking to the population in local language…. pretty much like anywhere else in fact!


10 thoughts on “Sunday in Switzerland – Zofingen – a virtual visit – the Swiss and work!

    • Hi Cynthia
      thanks for stopping by – I have not managed to be online for fun recently and have missed seeing posts and interactions 🙂 – wishing you a merry Christmas and a great new year too

  1. Love, love this Poli– you’re making me want to hop on the internet and start looking for tickets to Switzerland!! Hope you are finding lots of Christmas Joy there!! Love being your blog buddy!! xox

    • Hi Rhonda
      love love love having you read my blog – you invariably cheer me up with your positive outlook on life and your sparkly bubbly messages! The town is a wonderful little place, we had a very special trip back in time there, you would like it, maybe you do need a nostalgic Europe trip sometime when you have 4 weeks off and can go to Spain and Switzerland and other places..Hope you had lots of Christmas joy, my biggest joy is that i still get to spend time with my parents, that we sing old carols, well mainly my sister and I, we all sit down to a meal and everyone is still happy and healthy enough to enjoy it, life is short and precious and I am blessed to have my parents with me still. Take care, festive hug and a happy new year, cannot wait for more sunshine – Poli

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