Would that it were so simple – wishing all a happy new year!


It’s been a somewhat dark december – yes, this is what one would expect of a december of course, only that is not usually how it works here, usually November is the month you want to avoid, which is why I spent mine in the Caribbean, and then December is the month of snowflakes and sleigh bells and mince pies and brisk walks in the cold with blue skies most of the time. This year November was warm and sunny, freakishly so, and December was cold dark and miserable and fogg-cloudy most of the time. So today is the last day of the year and to remind myself that the sun is out somewhere in the world I went back to the photos of Grenada and here I found inspiration for next year in an ice-cream parlour – wouldn’t it be great if you could select what you would like for next year all by yourself, pick the cup size – or various ones for various topics, pick your flavours – job satisfaction, new love life, or improvement in your relationship, or continued marital bliss, safe and secure loved ones, and then maybe a minor car breakdown, a broken roof tile, or an infestation of caterpillars on your plants, just to balance the good out a bit with selected items that will definitely irritate but not devastate you.

Wishing a great new year to all!


15 thoughts on “Would that it were so simple – wishing all a happy new year!

  1. OK, I’m thinking about this one. Would I really want to be able to choose the year ahead? I do like to be in control (I’m a first born)– but on the other hand, maybe life is better not left up to my whims. I guess I’m trying to say, I’ll leave it in God’s hands and trust him for 2015. But after all that, I do have some hopes for the year to come– How’s that for making your simple idea too complicated. Happy New Year Poli!! Hope it’s full of “job satisfaction” and “marital bliss” and not many caterpillars!

    • Dear Rhonda – I love your words of wisdom, you are right, life is better often not left up to our whims, as someone I met in Grenada, an American lady this time, who lost her wedding ring said to me – I know if I pray to God that he will help me find it, this won’t be the right prayer, so I have prayed that I will be ok with the outcome whatever happens. This seemed to me to be a very wise thing, and like you, saying I leave it in HIS hands and not my own. So thanks for your words of wisdom to someone who likes control. We have a german saying – help yourself and so God will assist you, this may be the best approach. You do your best and count on support! Happy new year Poli

    • A glorious and most happy New Year to you as well – you are right, I love the different approaches, there is the trust approach and then there is the flippen’ make it happen approach 🙂 Greetings to you to freezing South Korea recently had dosas and hot chickpea potato curry and combined it with guacamole, made me think of you in South Korea chowing down on chili con carne with sour cream and fries – have a lovely time Poli

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