Sundays’ gardening inspiration from Grenada


The weather continues cold, misery inducing and  grey here in Switzerland, no surprise, it is January, sadly the snow that fell during almost 3 full days after Christmas covering the brown greys of the garden in bright and gentle white melted a while back and now the colours of the outer world are back to glistening grey (the pavement), and myriad shades of brown and green – naked  tree branches await the suns awakening rays, and the earth beneath them is muddy and sated, sullenly gestating and clearly unwilling to push forth new shoots until Spring, which currently seems as though it will never arrive.  Wherever I look I see only the muted greens of moss and downtrodden grass.

In need of sunshine I revisit the wonderful gardening I saw on the grounds of the Radisson hotel in Grenada. If you are building a house and are in the right climate zone, building an outdoor seating area in such a way that you leave an opening in the roof ( I am sure there is some correct architectural term for this)  so that you can have plants growing happily in real light looks very impressive. I also like the contrast of  the green to the black stones – all wonderfully decorative and the stones are a great weed deterrent – the whole effect was very soothing.  Sometimes nutmeg shells were used as mulch to great and decorative effect. And the planters are beautiful and used in so many different ways with water plants another wonderful planter  can be seen here in an older post on Grenada.




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