Sunday in Zürich – perfect hot chocolate!


For ex-scientists and all foodies this is the ultimate hot chocolate – it comes in a little cake with its’ own whisk and you stir it into the hot chocolate – meditation, science and blissful hot chocolate, what more would you want on a cold day in grey Switzerland. We had this at the hotel Schweizerhof in Zürich – highly recommend their tea room if you are ever near the Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich and tired from all that shopping real, or imagined!


14 thoughts on “Sunday in Zürich – perfect hot chocolate!

    • Isn’t it, I am sure we can figure out how to make the little cakes and buy the whisks, would make a nice present to bring to someones house warming party wouldnt it?

    • Hi Margot – me neither – my mum introduced me to it, bless her, she meets one of her old friends in this cafe once or twice a year and they always indulge with a hot chocolate while they chat. I joined them last week and loved it. I guess it is a highmaintenance treat though for a cafe to offer!

    • nope not a clue – probably cream + melted chocolate – like a truffle? maybe with some cocoa to bind it as it is not shiny like a cream and a melted chocolate would be? Pretty sure making a ganache type thing and putting it into the fridge in a silkon mold with a whisk stuck in it would work?

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