Gentlemen: Sweeten your valentine with a Swiss rainbow of love!


Valentines day is fast approaching, although like anniversaries, christmas, birthdays and other significant occasions most men forget about the day, most women do not. I recently saw these in the Sprüngli shop window on a trip to Zürich: Luxemburgerli. I still remember the first time I ate one,  it was 1983 or 1984 and my godfather, who lived in Zürich at the time, brought some when he came to visit. Back then you couldn’t buy everything everywhere and so it was a real revelation. Luxemburgerli are dainty, delicate little puffs of meringue with a wonderful butter-cream filling – all natural colours, all natural flavours and I know you can buy things like them all over the world, and I have tried their brethren in many places from San Francisco to Paris to  Buenes Aires,  and I believe I can claim that these are the best, hands down. (Also I have a friend who loves these beyond reason and she has tried these in all their variations and she concurs). So even while Laduree does them too, they aren’t as good, as theirs are chewy and the meringue is a bit melty in the middle. The ratio of meringue to filling is too heavy on meringue and too light on filling. Sprüngli Luxemburgerli are light and airy with just the right amount of oomph in the filling and they come in beautiful flavours, some of which I photographed: raspberry, lemon,  chai latte and hazelnut. But beyond that they also come in  champagne (brushed with gold  on top), blackberry, cinnamon and pistachio. To quote the makers “You can find macaroons almost anywhere – but for Luxemburgerlis you have to go to Sprüngli! ” – and I think once you’ve had them you won’t accept anything less!

Surprisingly even though these lovelies are delicate they are shipped worldwide and as I was putting them on the blog I thought they’d make a unique gift for a unique love, male or female. If you want to go the extra mile you can pick the flavours to match qualities you love in your lady (or your guy) – chocolate for depth and sweetness, cinnamon for mystery and spice, lemon for sunlight and brightness, champagne for everything nice (yes it rhymed, I couldn’t control myself) 🙂 AND if ordered ahead from Switzerland this means you planned ahead which always goes down well,  it means you cared enough to plan ahead! You could even order a box, get that ring, buy some champagne and a large bouquet and propose 🙂 (again :))  You can find out more at the Sprüngli website.




8 thoughts on “Gentlemen: Sweeten your valentine with a Swiss rainbow of love!

    • lovely aren’t they – i measure your busy- ness by your postiness – currently still on returning from South Korea so that must mean you are knee deep in work in your wellies and delegating the shovelling :)!!

      • Ha! And shoveling it is! Mostly to stay awake as all I want to do is be on holiday but alas, not possible. How are you doing? I see you are full of food ideas which is great. More than I can say.

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