Shrimp Sunday – perfect Spice Island battered shrimp

IMG_5035Imagine the sound of the waves, the sunlight on leaves, palm trees and sand, imagine sitting on a 1st floor balcony of a wooden building and being served these shrimp, sweet, juicy and fresh from the sea, the type of shrimp I can only dream of here in Switzerland…if you live in shrimp country I am sure you have your own delectable recipe for these so I post the picture to incite you to go make em……and if you do spare me a thought. In case you don’t live on the beach though you can pull up the photo below, the view I had while eating the shrimp,  on your TV and use it as a shrimp dinner backdrop! Happy Sunday!


12 thoughts on “Shrimp Sunday – perfect Spice Island battered shrimp

    • Oh my dear it was very very nice – sadly in another land and another time – so making do with zucchini and dill fritters and eggplant parmigiana instead here in freezing Switzerland 🙂

    • yes – good for you 🙂 – I am only mildly jealous – as regards the snow – there is none – but the sun is shining the sky is blue – and as I can currently buy great avocados I am not complaining! Currently our veg on offer is : cabbage, potatoes, carrots, loads of different kinds of cabbage (white, red, green, savoy), lambs lettuce, beets, sprouts – tompinambur, (funnily enough wordpress suggests somnabulist to correct topinambur – must be because the list of veg we can get here which is grown during this season simultaneously puts you to sleep and then makes you wander away quietly to cape town?)

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