Purcedduzzi – or little “fatness” balls of love


In our recent parcel Nonna sent – jams and chilies and pumpkin jam with amaretto, a wonderful recipe, I haven’t posted it yet, but trust me it’s divine, and loads of fruits and vegetables (see post here for pics) 

as if to balance out all that natural goodness she also sent the little fatness balls of love, which I know is weird grammar, but as I was thinking what to call them, I though of Foodbod Elaine’s “goodness bars” – bars of fruit and nuts with no unhealthy added anything, and so I thought, I will call them fatness balls of love – they are very tasty, they are made with love like the goodness bars, but oh my, they really aren’t fat free, or sugar free, or gluten free, or actually free of anything, but they are yummy and they are covered in honey so it’s not all bad – and if we remember that populations like those in the deep south of Italy worked the fields traditionally and lived a very frugal life with manual labour – the energy in the fatness balls of love suddenly looks a lot better…**

As my mum pointed out – we now know why Nonna gets up at 4am – to make jams and jellies and little fatness balls of goodness. I haven’t asked nonna for her recipe, as I know that this is one thing I will never make, but if you are interested in reading about them or making them, then you can try this website Puglian Pleasures

** maybe we should stop scrutinizing the food quite so much (apart from organic, free range or course)  good food, bad food, and start looking more at our lifestyles… oh but that would be so much harder


11 thoughts on “Purcedduzzi – or little “fatness” balls of love

  1. Oh my… they do look so yummy… and covered in honey you say! Even better! 🙂 They sound a little bit like the Greek Loukoumades, which I fell in love with at the local Multicultural Food Festival that was on last year. I’ll now have to keep an eye out for Purcedduzzi!

    • just checked loukoumades, never came across them before, puglia and greece are close to each other really so not surprising I spose there are some food traditions that look similar – the purcedduzzi are not yeasty soft though, not hard either but satisfyingly “there” like a firm doughnut with finer grain and but with a better taste – I might have to get Nonnas recipe after all 🙂

  2. My Aunts would make this, I remember they would stack them in a mound and we would pick them off, deep fried extra sweet little balls of goodness.. If I think about it I can almost taste them. Wonderful.

    • Hi Rhonda – I love that you have been all over the place, you are right, I am guessing that this type of pastry is probably eaten in many Mediterranean countries, there are deep fried pastries for the fasting period that are sold here in CH too, my own granny used to make them. I will post, only they are bigger, fatter and called “little thighs” of all things..lumpy and cellulite ridden thighs they are too…

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