Sunday in winter – luxemburgerli oh please do be my valentine!

IMG_6645First off, when I wrote my last post on luxemburgerli, the target wasn’t in fact my dear Mr.Polianthus, nope, it was the perfect fiancée of a friend across the ocean, the friend let’s call her Miss perfect fiancée loves her luxemburgerli, she cannot get them where she is, so I thought, I know i’ll blog about them and mention that they ship to the US and maybe, just maybe the man in her life will surprise her with some. Funnily enough however, yesterday I was surprised to receive a box of luxemburgerli myself. As they say ” the road to luxemburgerli is paved with good intentions” 🙂


Mr. Polianthus had read the valentine post, assumed I meant him, and dutifully and lovingly popped down to the nearby Sprüngli to buy me some and he even took note of the flavours I mentioned so that I’d get the ones I love!

IMG_6637Now I have lots of ideas for future posts :). Sprüngli have some special valentines Luxemburgerli which I thought I’d share, they are very cute:

IMG_6638And then of course there were flowers on the table…

IMG_6652And here are some more photos – out of the box:





12 thoughts on “Sunday in winter – luxemburgerli oh please do be my valentine!

  1. Oh Poli, they look absolutely too good to be true! I’ve eaten my fair share of macarons around the world as well, but just seeing your beautiful photos of these, I can imagine that you may well be right about them being the best! Next time in Switzerland I’ll be tracking these down for sure… I’m too scared to look at how much they would cost to send a batch out to Australia! 🙂 Looks like you enjoyed a very special Valentine’s Day!

    • Dear Margot 🙂 – they are very good and really need to be eaten fresh – by the time they got to Australia I am sure they wouldn’t be as lovely anymore – a short-lived pleasure these – they are very pretty aren’t they? Yes Valentines day was lovely and I had no expectations at all – much prefer to be pampered every day rather than only on Xmas, Birthday and Valentines day – so if nothing happens on those days I am fine :)!!

    • Dear Rhonda – yes he was very sweet, when he read last nights blog he popped in and said “really, I was sure you were giving me a hint :)” but I really wasn’t so it was a lovely surprise – I had a lovely valentines day, hope you did too! Happy Monday

  2. well there you go – the women in ones life like to be pampered, I am sure your daughter is no different to others – on the bright side – you get a day until you have to buy a cake AND she didnt ask you to take her to Zürich to eat the Luxemburgerli, I am guessing she is not a teenager yet 🙂

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