Sublime Sunday treat – mild creamy goats’ cheese marinated in olive oil with red peppercorns and thyme


Simple is often best, at a castle near us, this is served as a starter in the summer, but also as a dessert to close a meal, as a cheese option, it’s very pretty, it’s very versatile, and as long as you like goats’ cheese I confidently proclaim you will love it. If I were to attempt this I would buy a creamy, log-shaped young, fresh goats cheese, cut it into slides the length of 11/2 phalanxes 1.5 cm’ish. Select a container that I can easily get them out of again, as they will be fragile, get a bunch of thyme wash and pluck the leaves, mix with good quality olive oil, red peppercorns (q.b – as the Italians say, I think, qua basta, which I guess means, until it’s enough, i.e. as much as feels right – or maybe they don’t say it, I dreamed it last night, and now think it’s the gospel truth, never mind, some kind Italian will no doubt point out the error of my linguistic ways if I got it wrong). Then pour some oil into a glass or ceramic pot with a glass lid, and then layer cheese with oil until all the cheese is in the container and make sure to cover the last round of cheese with a layer of oil about 1cm thick. Leave to marinate – oh I don’t know 2 days up to a week? I am guessing here. When ready to serve toast some white firm bread,  use a crumpet cutter to cut out rounds of toast, place toast on plate, add the cheese and sprinkle with thyme, peppercorns and olive oil. Serve to one very lucky diner!

If anyone has any similar recipes they want to share with cheese – please to do comment as always, I love to hear from you! Happy Sunday.


12 thoughts on “Sublime Sunday treat – mild creamy goats’ cheese marinated in olive oil with red peppercorns and thyme

    • Hi Margot it looks lovely doesn’t it, the cheese is very very mild so that you wouldn’t be bothered with goat or no – but you could probably try a mild other white cheese too, not sure about cow milk though, might be a bit “boring”. Have a lovely Sunday Poli

    • 🙂 – you make me smile – ah yes, the castle near us, anytime you are over here for business Ill be happy to accompany you there – they won’t be able to serve you the scallops and lobster you are accustomed to, nor will their German whites compete with your South African whites, but they do some very very nice food 🙂

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