Sunday in Alsace – boating, relaxing and watching the fields go by…


If ever you need a relaxing holiday, you want to just watch the world go by, leave your cell phone at home, go somewhere where WIFI isn’t available all the time, where you stop in villages forgotten by time, eat crusty baguette for breakfast on the deck of your boat while watching the villagers walk past with their dogs, then you would enjoy this activity, we experienced it in Alsace, but you can try any canal near you. Rent a barge, bring some nice bottles of wine, bring a book, get a cap for the captain and off you go! By all means bring your pooch, but in my experience Moggie didn’t like it

And if you don’t want to go all the way to France you can bring the gougelhopf to you, my new blogging friend Katie recently wrote about her otheworldy experience with a divine Alsatian Gewürztraminer (a wine, for anyone with too much imagination) – if you have one handy and need something to serve with it might I suggest a simple, divine and homemade  Gougelhopf ?


7 thoughts on “Sunday in Alsace – boating, relaxing and watching the fields go by…

  1. I’ve always wanted to take a holiday on one of these little canal boats Poli! Seems like such a lot of fun, yet potentially relaxing at the same time. I think it would be a great thing to do with our kids before they get too old… I hear you can put a few bikes on board too, to be able to cycle alongside or into the nearby villages to explore. Rather idyllic! 🙂

    • yes you can upload bikes, never thought about cycling alongside but that sounds like a really good idea for anyone who gets bored sitting all day 🙂 – wonderful thing to do with kids, especially when you get to go through the locks.

  2. Oh, how loathesome you are ! – my teeth are worn to mere stubs by the jealous grinding …
    Is there ANYONE who wouldn’t want to do that in France ?
    There is ? – they’re mad. I have spoken. 😀

    • yes I specialise in being loathesome my dear Margaret, however, you are the one losing tons of weight and telling us all about it, so I think you’re loathesome too 🙂 – oh and YES I am just really really envious :)! have a great weekend!

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