Sunday in Arizona – a good shrimp these days is hard to find …..


But these were truly excellent. After my comments on the mexican place I feel I have to report on eating I enjoyed in Glendale, Arizona as well.  The shrimp served at the Arrowhead Grill  were exceptional –  now I look at the picture I realize that the ambiance also made a big difference – the Arrowhead Grill has large tables,  with space between them, comfy chairs and an elegant interior, Popo’s fiesta del Sol is all booths into which it’s hard to cram 2 adults a side, the place feels cramped. In comparision the salsa at Popo’s was made of fresh ingredients, the salsa at the Arrowhead Grill came from a bottle (sugary, like most bottled sauces) – so Popo’s wins on salsa. But at the Arrowhead Grill the presentation was excellent, the rest of the meal was very good, the portions more “normal” sized and of course the Arrowhead Grill charges about 4x the amount that Popo’s charges for a meal, so you cannot compare the two at all. If you were taking clients out for a drink you’d pick the Arrowhead Grill, if you want to get  a feel for the neighborhood, don’t mind cramped spaces and are hungry enough to eat a bear,  you’d probably pick Popo’s (and ask them to leave off the melted cheese, maybe).


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