Sunday in Spring


Freezing temperatures, cold winds and sheer bloody mindedness mean I spent the afternoon on the balcony potting plants – repotting my chilis hoping they will do well and grow, planting pansies, and generally getting ready for summer, which now that I am chilled to the bone is very clearly a long way off. I have little to show for my pains other than pansies in a pot, Mediterranean herbs (5 types of thyme, they all looked really pretty, so I got the whole lot), some oregano, strawberries and something called a Pepino, which was on sale for about 1 dollar, and so I got it, but now I realize I have to keep it inside until the weather gets better so it’s taking up indoor space, also something known as a big sage  (lantana camara) – same story, low price, cute plant, needs to wait for the weather to improve, so it’s indoors.

Lantana Camara

The photo above was taken last year on the seaside in Apulia, outdoors colours here are still predominantly greys and browns..


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