Living without my hotspot….



I am once again in the unique position to share Italian Southern delicacies with you, after watching the neighbour Lucia make mustazzoli yesterday and photographing her progress, we had a dinner of delicious anti-pasti in front of an open fire-place – almost entirely vegetarian with potato fennel salad, red cabbage and pine-nut salad, zucchini grilled and served with mint and capers, grilled peppers, focaccia, “salty cake” , various cheeses, various kale dishes, various cabbage dishes, and lovely lovely pucce served with vin cotto, i so want to share – especially as each dish is a revelation, all veggies fresh from the garden, or the neighbour’s garden. Today lunch fresh pulpo – deep fried and boiled, apulian style caponata without olives and capers, zucchini with mint, yellow peppers grilled, dessert twalnuts, fresh fennel bulbs, and fresh fruit, the citrus again from a neighbours garden, ( this the true reason Italians of thr old school are quite healthy!) – in order to get this post up I need to plead with the internet ” powers” the hot spots fade in and out, depending on the weather, the curtains, the mood pf some unknown entity ? Who knows and so trying to upload images is a trial that is pushing my patience to it’s admittedly speedily reached limits…so imagine all of the above if you will, I promise I will upload photos as soon as possible!

Above the welcome home cookies we found on the breakfast table the first morning…


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