Bruschette con polpo cotto marinato al limone



4 thoughts on “Bruschette con polpo cotto marinato al limone

  1. Ah the joys of ipad posting, photo edits non functional in wordpress on ipad, photo edit software not installed on ipad, bandwidth notbatblevel where i want to install software….. And typing gives me little pleasure, even when it’s possible which in the above post it wasnt so im resorting to addimg a comment – the above is actually a focaccia with polpo – octopus, ever since I read about how intelligent they are, eating them has seemed wrong, however i enjoyed the above nevertheless.. Cooked and marinated in lemon juice served on focaccia slices with some fennel fronds on top – today we ate gnocchi made with nettles and tomato sauce and cheese on top, meltingly wonderfully eyeclosingly fantastic….

  2. ooooh I know all about ipad posting. Only for the very brave. The flippen keypad is always in the way of what I want to do and all the lines jump, disappearing act with whatever I typed with sweat and tears and the thick fingers all over the show…..etc etc Good luck!

    • HA – I recognise a kindred spirit, the flippen key board is in fact ALWAYS in the way of everything you cannot edit pics it’s a really annoyance, now I am on the macair it’s better, but still with the network issues I am a severely challenged blogger..

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