Eggs for Easter brunch

IMG_6951 These eggs are traditionally served at Easter in houses all over Switzerland, my granny used to make them, my mother still makes them, and if she didn’t make them for me, I’d make the myself.  For more images check here. They are pretty – decorated as they are with herbs and leaves and flowers found on a ramble through your local countryside. Easy to make, pretty and decorative – here is how you make them: have ready a big bag of onion skins – bag about approximately the size of one of those white plastic bags you get from groceries when you need a free bag  (you need to start collecting them in the months up to Easter)  you will need around 70 g of onion skins/brown and red (2-3 oz)- some old women’s tights, herbs and leaves with pretty patterns, and white eggs (the colours show better if the egg is white) now you put the leaves onto the egg, tie a piece of stocking/tight around the egg to make sure the herb leaf/flowers stay in place and tie a knot in the stocking. Decorate all eggs in this way.

Put the onion skins into 2.5 liters of water and boil  – add the eggs and boil until hard for about 10 – 12 minutes, run cold water over the hard-boiled eggs, remove the tights and be prepared to amaze your friends!

I am bringing this idea as a happy Easter Sunday gift to Fiesta Friday, thanks to the virtual nature of the internet we can time travel, sadly I cannot find the link on Angies FF 62 to link up, so I will have to really bring it virtually! Happy Easter all. I am also sending my happiest Easter wishes to my lovely mother who always decorates our table so beautifully and has made every Easter I can remember into a special occasion. Thank you mum!


14 thoughts on “Eggs for Easter brunch

  1. So pretty, Polianthus!! The link is all the way at the bottom of the page. You see the little blue “Add your link” button? That’s it! Do you want me to link it for you?

  2. These are so beautiful Poli! I have very distant memories of doing something like this (with the onion skins) as a child, but I’ll bookmark this and hope to give it another try as an adult… perhaps next Easter! 🙂

    • you are VERY charming – thank you Jess – admittedly I just put these on a plate, but they do look very pretty when surrounded by bunches of daffodils, chocolate eggs and little fluffy yellow chicks traipsing over a starched white linen tablecloth (the pain is enormous, but it does look so beautiful)

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