Delicious Puglia: Shrimp in a kataifi pastry cloak served with fava bean puree and fresh spinach – fava bean puree recipe


After writing about my recent trip to Arizona and having some very nice shrimp there – see post a good shrimp is hard to find, I felt I had to follow up with a very delicious shrimp dish I enjoyed in Lecce


a couple of nights ago at the restaurant Quattro Spezierie — the meal was really enjoyable overall, but I especially enjoyed the starter – extremely fresh shrimp, wrapped in kataifi pastry and baked in the oven until the kataifi is crispy the shrimp was red on the shell but the shrimp inside the kataifi cloak was still raw with that nutty flavour that a truly fresh raw shrimp has, if you cannot get your hands on super fresh sea-food I wouldn’t try this, I don’t imagine it would be as enjoyable with a cooked shrimp – I love the juxtaposition of crunchy and softly mellow – think creme brulée or cannoli….so this was a dish I loved, the fresh steamed spinach, with no added anything was a perfect foil for the shrimp and the fava bean purée a very strong flavoured but fitting partner, interesting choice, not one I would have thought of myself, but it really did work.

I have just had lessons on how to make fava bean purée so here goes:

Fava bean purée Puglia style

  • 2 cups of dried split shelled fava beans  – wash and soak in water overnight
  • 1 small white onion
  • 3 – 4 cherry tomatoes with skin removed
  • water, salt

Drain the soaked fava beans (make sure you get sun dried ones if you can, I tried this recently with oven dried ones and I couldn’t easily puree them, here in Italy I used fava beans from Uncle Antonios garden – dried in the sun with the skins on, we soaked them overnight and then removed the skins and then boiled the shelled fava beans, you can however, make it easy for yourself and just use shelled split beans.

Boil the fava beans in water with all ingredients listed until tender – using a blender – add some olive oil to taste – to serve as a soup you can add more water and add some oil on top before you serve, to serve as a puree as above you don’t add too much water. Dried fava beans have a stronger taste than fresh ones, I recently posted  a soup recipe with fresh fava beans ipad issues mean cannot add link …..

I have put this in the category 5 minute lunch, if you soak your fava beans overnight and then boil them in a steamer, with a bit of luck it could be!


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