Fabulous Friday – côte de boeuf – simple yet perfect valentine’s dinner in April

IMG_7572Last year we bought some French free-range Charolais beef – and last night it seemed was the right night to make the côte de boeuf for dinner – 740g rib of beef, after some online searching I came across Anthony Bourdain’s recipe – I am not sure if you are an expert meat-eater like Mr. Fitz you need a recipe, but I certainly did, and Bourdain’s recipe was so darn funny that it’s worth reading even if you don’t need any help.


I seared the steak on both side’s using my French grill pan,put it in the oven for 6 minutes at 200°C and then let it stand for 10 minutes with some aluminium foil tented on top. A key step this.

And then I served with fresh Italian cucumbers sliced, without any adornment, that we received yesterday in a parcel from Puglia, more on these parcels in the link, some baked potatoes and a Béarnaise sauce made with fresh tarragon following gourmet magazines recommendation. And then I served it quoting Bourdain:

“Serve accompanied by béarnaise sauce, French fries, and a staggeringly expensive bottle of Burgundy in cheap glasses to show your diners who’s their daddy”


We drank a 14 year-old Amarone with it, in proper wine-glasses, cause I ain’t anybodys daddy, and because I had one sitting around.

This meal which was simple, quick and easy to prepare, but very delicious was followed by fruit (strawberries, bananas, pineapple in a caramel sauce (butter and light Muscovado sugar) flambéed with cointreau and rum and vanilla ice-cream, also delicious, quick and easy and I don’t know why I don’t cook like this more often.


I bring this humble offering as inspiration to Fiesta Friday, if you need a simple, scrumptious, and winning meal for guests your family, your in-laws etc, and you still eat meat sometimes, the this is a good way to go. Work load is low and the wow factor is high!


12 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday – côte de boeuf – simple yet perfect valentine’s dinner in April

    • the thing is it was a wonderful meal – I made it again the next time I had a friend over – the humble part is just that the preparation was so amazingly simple – great free range beef – cucumbers from Nonna’s garden freshly sent in a parcel – sliced but unadorned so the nutty delicate flavour shone through and a simple Béarnaise – which admittedly is the first I ever made and did take a while – but for a meal with so little preparation the outcome was stunning and I guess that is why i say humble – I have spent hours in the kitchen for less stellar results. You are right it would have cost a fortune in a restaurant and I wouldn’t have known where the ingredients came from!

  1. This looks absolutely amazing! I love the beautiful pattern on your meat – and the Béarnaise! – to die for!
    Thanks for bringing this along to our Fiesta Friday party – especially as it came alongside the flambéed fruit salad!

    • I loved the pattern too 🙂 – happy to come to FF although this was a month ago, sorry of the late reply sometimes I don’t see comments on WP not sure why, I have a simple griddle pan I bought in a fresh supermarket, cast iron, heats like a dream and makes lovely grill patterns 🙂

    • Thank you – I very very rarely eat meat at home unless we have old-fashioned guests – so this was a revelation – and something very special because so different from our normal fare!

  2. beautifully cooked– love the pink steak on the plate. And I enjoy Anthony Bourdain — do you get his t.v. shows there–eating around the world. He can be a little cynical, but always interesting…

    • thank you! I was surprised at how perfect it was! I have never seen a bourdain TV show no, I just liked the way he wrote, it made me laugh – will see if I can stream one to see it

    • thank you – I really don’t eat much meat so was very happy with the way this turned out – badly cooked meat makes me guilty twice and I get no pleasure from it, so this was worth it!

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