I spy with my little eye …..


I spy with my little eye, the sun on a city, large trees in a park behind a hotel, city houses. I hear birds outside and the hum of traffic. Breakfast offerings this morning included fried egg, scrambled egg, bacon, ham and smoked haddock, ( i ignored all options and had toast instead) .

Breakfast offering also included tea or coffee, my motto is drink coffee in Italy, Ethiopia (no never been) and few other places in the world, here tea is usually a better bet. this mornings tea was stewed though 😦

So where am I? Easy guessing really!


23 thoughts on “I spy with my little eye …..

    • yes I know 😦 – that is why I eschewed coffee – but the tea was sad – however, the sushi for lunch was pretty good and the Szechuanese dinner was exceptional and spicy – if you order Szechuanese food in Switzerland you always get pineapple and mushrooms and bamboo shoots in the dish – which is many things but not Szechuanese – I don’t order anything Chinese anymore in Switzerland if I can help it, prefer to make it myself, following Fuchsia Dunlops excellent cookbooks.lovely to see you visit!

    • in a place of red buses and red phone boxes, of chinese restaurants that deserve to call themselves that, of generally good tea, scones, and men with multicoloured hairdos and kilts – of big trees and big parks and policemen without weapons (sounds like doctors without borders) – where the cost of living is really high and the average income is around 30 000 gbp – ie not that high – yes you guess 🙂 in London :)!!

  1. Well, I didn’t know until I read down through the comments. But it looks like a beautiful day and I’m hoping you get to enjoy the city — are you there for work or on vacay? Now I’m wishing I were headed to London myself!!

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