Introducing TDPC – Suzanne

Introducing Suzanne of food blog a pug in the kitchen – fresh seasonal organic ingredients, an appreciation for aesthetics, and the joy of sharing love through food, family and closeness are all things I associate with Suzannes blog – warmth shines through her writing, you can imagine that if you were every lucky enough to sit at her table you would be spoiled on a culinary level, have a really interesting conversation that would go long into the night, and if you are lucky maybe cuddled by the Nando the pug too :). Suzanne is a TDPC member – her blog is a must-read – do follow the link to read more about her. Poli

The Dinner Party Collective

Suzanne "a pug in the kitchen" Suzanne “a pug in the kitchen”

I love food, preparing it, eating it and sharing it with others. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting together with friends and family with  good food and wine. I grew up in a large Italian family, every Sunday was a special occasion, the entire family got together and my Mom and Aunts would prepare an amazing meal. My Grandfather had a small vineyard and made his own wine. He used to take me to the wine cellar to help him fill up a bottle for the meal. I was too young to enjoy wine then but it cemented my love of sharing food and wine with family and friends.

The food I serve is seasonal as much as possible, fresh, organic, sustainable and humane. I am convinced that the food we make and eat has a direct bearing on our health and well…

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